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Wednesday, 18 February 2015


                IT IS WHAT IT IS
Eyes rolled in amazement and complete disbelief, many internal dialogue took place in the mind of people seated in the hall as a well known international football field image Yaya Toure dropped the highly esteemed piece of golden metal ( award) on the floor to give a speech when he was called up to receive his award. This action of his of course raised a lot of controversy as many people gave their own piece of opinion when asked by a TV host. Some said they did not read any meaning to it and it is just Yaya being Yaya. Some said they had feel offended if they were one of the organisers of the award, Some said probably he lost brain coordination and that so many things comes to mind when you are on stage, some said they had get angry and sad if they were to be the one of the organisers of the award. Perhaps, this act of his could have insulted the ego of the organisers due to the meaning, importance and value they attach to the piece of metal. Many people of course gave their different opinions based on the way they filtered the experience to match with their long held belief system. 

The belief that an award should be held while giving a speech has been strengthened through the course of history. This champ created a new history by placing the highly esteemed piece on the floor which generated different kinds of reaction. To some the award is a treasure that should be treated with great respect. It be should hanged on the wall such that the floor itself should not share in its seemingly glory. The truth is our perception of this piece of metal control our sense of judgement. Most time people don't see the man who made the award happen they only see the award. The award carries much weight than the person who puts himself in the position to attracts such award. 

He won the award. He made it all happen. That award represents hard work, loyalty, determination, discipline , patience,inner strength, belief. All these traits produce a character that attracts success. The way most people reacted to his behaviour on stage tells how much importance people have come to attach to this piece of metal over the years. It tells how much people have come to value this piece rather than the attributes that the person who won it has built over the years. The whole truth of the matter is our belief is what determine the way we feel and the interpretation we give to events. It is what it is , it is only a piece of metal. I dedicate this article to Almighty God who is the source of wisdom and inspiration. Thanks for reading this article. Written by : Uwagboe Anthonia Peace

                          CITY BIRDS

As I walked down the road on a sunny afternoon, I couldn't but notice a woman struggling to send away some birds that were feeding on the food items ( uncooked rice) she displayed for sale. As I inched forward, I noticed a man trying to protect the food items which he displayed for sale from some group of stubborn birds. All effort to send them all away proved abortive because they kept coming. During the day time I hear some birds singing ( lousy sometimes) by my window. Then one day it hit me that these birds are homeless and they have to survive in this modern era.

As human beings after a long tiring day we retire to our beds. It is only natural that after a long tiring flight in space birds too should retire to trees. But today the story has changed. Birds are now homeless, they have become city birds. Birds love to perch on trees but today city birds have adopted a modem lifestyle as the perch on roof tops, windows, balconies, crests of towers, chimneys, and other height related abode. Although city birds don't have the experience of living in the wild yet they still perch on height because it is in their genetic settings to do so. Hence their wild nature is still intact although they cannot fully express it ( tree shortage in the city) so they make alternatives and perch on anything that has height.

As mankind our history dates back from the wild. Our physiology has not advanced past the need for some quality air, quality drinking water, quality food, hence we need to protect nature. As mankind we need to pay closer attention to the way we treat nature because we are a part of nature. As human being we do not have a robotic settings hence we need to pay attention to the way we treat nature so we don't suffer its consequences in the form of countless diseases associated with modern life style.

Some years ago governor Fashola was planting trees and flowers on the roads of Lagos, so many people out of ignorance condemned the idea. Many even made jokes out of it. Lagos is an industrial area with the increase emission of toxic gasses ( mostly green house gasses) coming from exhaust pipes of various vehicles and industrial chimneys, it is definitely a welcome idea to support the planting of trees as it gives us the opportunity to breadth in quality oxygen. Plants help absorb carbon dioxide which is a green house gas. Carbon dioxide is one of the Green house gasses that depletes ozone layer which result in massive heat or increased temperature modern man is exposed to. Planting trees on the road will increase the quality of oxygen we breadth in. Also there are so many other benefits that is attached to planting trees on the road. Our city birds will also enjoy this benefit as they will have a place to perch on after a long tiring flight.

Man relationship with animals dates back from the prehistoric times. Even in this modern age some people still have a close relationship with animals of all kinds which they usually referred to as pets. Just as some human have strong attractions for dogs, lions, tigers, snakes, some people are lovers of birds. Birds are very clever animals, very accurate and possess speed characteristics. Today some lovers of birds treat their home birds like some cybernetic birds that are confined within the internet space ( twitter birds) hence they lock up their birds in a modern cage. Every animal has the right to freedom. I am not suggesting you take your birds( pets) back into the wild. All am saying is that there are better ways we can do things.

Just like human beings animals too have right to exercise, fresh air, qualitative oxygen, good food and more which promote good health. Today home birds are confined in modern cage which prevent them from exercising their wild nature. I mean why do they have wings if they can not use it? Today home birds are confined within modern cage and suspended on the ceiling in the living room. They are not decorative that fit with the colours of your furnitures. They are living creatures that deserve some respect and some measure of freedom.

Birds are wise creatures and they can be trained. You can decide to create a modern wild ( plants flowers and trees in garden) for your bird. When your bird knows you as its master, it will always come back to you after taking a flight within the modern wild. Don't be afraid to free your birds.
Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the almighty God who is the source of wisdom.
Written by: Uwagboe Anthonia Peace.


Is no news that the use of multiple phones is prevalent among girls expecially among undergraduates in Nigeria campuses. The urge to get the latest black berry phones (BB), I-phone, tablets of different brands is rising among girls. You see a young girl having more than three phones and you begin to wonder how she manage to subscribe on all these phones monthly. These girls buy these phones in order to boost their ego and achieve an edge over their competitors ( fellow girls). With the use of these highly improved technology they remain unproductive. The only thing they find useful in the phone is accessing social media. They know all the social media and have multiple streams of friends both the ones they know and the ones they don't know. The desire to oppress their fellow girls and be at alert at every happenings in the industries ( music and movie) is all they are concerned about because it them that is what makes them active among their clicks of friends.

To that girl who is carried away with buying the newly improved black berry, how has that gadget improved your cognitive ability? How has that gadget made you productive intellectually?
Do you limit your use of that gadget on only social medias which include: instagram, facebook, whatsapp, bbm, twitter, Skype, 2go and more? Is the only thing you know how to do is post beautiful face with an empty brain on facebook? Do you really measure your self worth with the number of phones you carry around? Does getting these phones strip you of of your dignity? Did you get involved in any form of moral decadence in order to meet up with trends as it concerns using the latest brand of phones? Has that gadget expanded your mind or is it just expanding your circle of friends?

The truth is that this unhealthy competitive spirit among girls stems from low self esteem which is rooted in lack of confidence, insecurity, the need to be accepted, and a host of other related problems. The need to be among the big girls click is what make most girls get involved in some moral decadence. To that girl who throw moral principles into the wind and let go of her dignity in exchange of the newly improved black berry, are you really proud of what you have become? Simply because you can't see beyond the confines of your desire and because find it difficult to delay instant gratification you put your life at risk following strangers to hotels and bars just to get hold of their money in exchange of your body just because you want to achieve that edge over your competitors ( other girls). Way back in the University a girl once told me that " you have to use what you have to get what you want". The question is do you have to lost something because you are looking for something? Do you have to strip yourself of moral dignity because you want the highly improved black berry? If someone who truly care about your life try to bring you to your senses about the way you live your life and the way you follow strangers, is your response like " everyone is using it so I have to use it too" or do you always respond with the popular Yoruba proverb " ijo wo ni maku oni ku? The question you should ask yourself is, is everyone using that same means you use to get that gadget?

To that girl who throw morality into the wind in exchange for the newly improved gadget you can decide to change. You can decide to pick up that moral value you have long left behind. You can decide to use that phone productively today. You can decide to reduce the time you invest in unproductive discussion via those social media. You can decide to invest more time to boost your cognitive ability using that phone. You can decide decide to use just one phone today productively.
Writer: Uwagboe Anthonia Peace.


Eating well is what most of us have not learnt even when we have the money. You could have lots of money and appear unhealthy because of the unhealthy food choices you make. Food are made up of complex chemicals which help to build the body. But if food is void of vital nutrients the body begins to degenerate and the brain will not perform at a peak level. Below are 10 ways to eat healthy on a low budget.

1. Do not go to the grocery store when you are hungry:
Since your goal is to stay healthy while on a low budget, it is necessary to make conscious choices that will help you achieve this goal. When you go to the grocery shop when you are heavily hungry then there is a high chance of you making destructive and unhealthy food choices since at this point your mind will not be making that decision but it is your taste bud that will be making the decision for you. Human being most time are not driven by logic but by emotions. If you are super hungry when you go to the grocery, you will not make the right choice even if you intellectually know that a particular set of food is not good for you. You just want to eat that is all that will matter to you.

2.Take lots of vegetables: eating vegetables is a very good way of keeping healthy at a low cost. Avoid overcooking your vegetable when preparing soup, this is because vitamins are lost when it is overly cooked. Also chop a little stem of the vegetable and add it into your soup as this contain high level of fibre which help to facilitate bowel movement and make you stay healthy.

3.Avoid eating snacks everyday: so many binge on snacks. Snacks are unhealthy food to rely on because they contain empty calories and help add to your abdominal fat. Since this set of food contain empty calories, it will require you to always want to eat more because it lacks the required nutrients your body cells need to feed on. If you are in the habit of eating snacks their is a high chance of you getting lots of Adipose tissues ( fats distributed heavily in certain areas of your body e.g breast, cheeks, arm, lower abdominal cavity).

4. Eat fruits: fruits have powerful antioxidants benefits. Some people see fruits as something they eat when they feel like it and ignore when they don't feel like. Fruits contain natural enzymes which help your body to reduce the rate at which it is producing body enzymes. Since most enzymes in food is lost during the process of cooking, fruits are the best food to rely on to supply the body additional enzymes. Fruits are also food, so you may decide to take two apple in the morning and drink water on it, you are good to go. Since you know a apple a day keeps you away from the doctor and you are also doing yourself the benefit of not spending your money on drugs.

5. Take supplements: foods from farmland are exposed to contamination of all sorts which reduce the potential health benefit of these foods coupled with the high contamination live stocks are exposed to it will be very wise to rely on supplements to fill the nutritional gap. Absence of two or more vitamins or minerals can bring out a noticeable symptoms. So include supplements in your diet but avoid the abuse of supplements. E.g vitamins C is good for the body, it helps the heart pump well, it helps to heal wound faster, but when abused it can lead to high blood pressure due to the build up of electrolyte in the system.

6. Use good oil: avoid oil that are rich in cholesterol. In other words use cholesterol free oil. Cholesterol free oil may appear to be too expensive that the cholesterol filled oil, your target here is your health. Buy good oil, learn to manage it well. You will be doing your heart a great good if you stick to the good oil.

7. Instead of juice take water: water is not expensive but it does your body a great good compared to the highly chemicalized fruit juice that is sealed in an attractive bottle. The highly chemicalized fruit juice contain no health benefit and it helps add up to your abdominal fat because it is highly rich in sugar. Sugar in the blood streams when not in use finds its way to other body parts where it is converted to fat. Water on the other hand cleanse your system and make you healthy.

8. Choose organic food: In the farmland conventional farmers are exposed to too much threats from pest and other form of threats. In an attempt to reduce the effects of these threats conventional farmers rely on chemical fertilizers to control these threats thus reducing the potential health value of the crops. Scientist have developed ways to improve the standard of living by introducing organic food which are engineered to stand against all these threats in the farmland.

9.Avoid eating too much: reducing the rate you eat does not only have health benefit it also has financial benefit. Don't turn your stomach to a dumping ground. Let your body break down fat sometimes rather than always breaking down carbohydrate. It will help improve detoxification, improve metabolism and give you a sound mind.

10. Take lots of milk: milk contain the amino acid tryptophan which help patients suffering from insomnia. Tryptophan is a precursor that produce the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain. Neurotransmitters help boost brain performances. Low levels of various neurotransmitters have been linked to different kind of neurological disorders.
Writer: Uwagboe Anthonia Peace


As kids we were taught in primary school by our social studies teacher that a family consist of a father, mother and the children who live together in a home and on a broader note, they distinguished two types of family that we have which include nuclear family and extended family. This definition as it were was within the scope of our intellectual capacity at the time. But as we aged our understanding about this institution becomes broadened. We all come from a family. Be it the president, the senator, the police man, the waitress, the welder, the homeless kid, the superior of a well know organisation, to the well known Agbero in the road of Lagos. We all evolve from a smaller circle that make up the larger unit called the society. Family is where we draw love, family is where we are at peace with ourselves without someone judging us. Family are those who point out our weaknesses, not to bring us down or mock us, but to make us walk along the path of greatness. Family are those who have a shared experience of pain and pleasure. Family are those who went through the turmoil of hardship and came out refined and strong together.

But today the fabric of this institution is fast collapsing as parents have lost fundamental duties they ought to do. Some mothers out of love do not want there children to be exposed to home labour. The question we should ask ourselves is, has our culture evolved past the need of teaching children how to cook, clean, do some minor labour and be useful in the home? As parents if you do not teach your children how to be responsible, how can they be responsible in handling bigger task when they are out there in a larger society? Has a parent have you denied your kids the basic aspect of home training and household responsibility due to your embrace of modern life style? As a father do you think the only responsibility you have is pay that child's school fees buy him phones and balls? Of course we know that thongs have changed. We know children no longer sit in a circle at night listening to tales by moonlight. Today many children are exposed to various kinds of stuffs on the internet. By using their phones they can access any sites on the internet. But who is there to control them? -- the answer is nobody.

To that father, do you only believe fatherhood is limited to making ends meet in the family? Do you know is your teenager is smoking weed and creating nuisance and appear before you as a saint? Do you know how many pornographic image has been incorporated in the subconscious mind of that girl child? Do you know the sites that your teenager is accessing on a daily basis? The truth is that if you don't give that child the love he wants, he will get it somewhere else and he will do anything to be accepted in the gang. Some kids take part in cultism because they want to be loved. Some kids join bad gang because they lack self esteem. Some kids join their friends in prostituting because they want to be accepted. The rappist, the abuser of alcoholic, the abuser of mariguana, are they not all coming from a home? These kids have come to associate self esteem to this way of life. Some kids have come to accept mariguana as their own personal saviour. These kids have come to linked pleasure to rape because it helps build their ego in the gang. There is increasing evidence about the association between rape and self esteem among teenagers and young adult. Moral decadence is greatly associated with low self esteem which is rooted in lack of confidence, insecurity and a host of other problem. Drug abuse can be traced to the growing decline of this institution.

That street girl who is a victim of rape and now forced to become a mother, what kind of moral value can such person pas on to her child? If that Vagabond, that dejected and homeless child who is a product of immorality and also an abandoned child, is asked to carry a gun, who will stop him? -- Remember he has no guidance. The only family he has is the one next to him who they both share in the same experience. That street child is exposed to substance abuse. Who will tell him to drop the cigarette? Who will tell him to put down that alcoholic beverage? Who will tell her to stop the act of immorality? Who will tell her to stop prostituting? If such child sees the opportunity of becoming a terrorist, who will bring him to order?--- he has no parents, he has no family, the only family he has are his fellow street kids with whom he shares his joy, pain,and sorrows with.

The moral degeneration faced in our society can be traced to lack of responsibility of both parents in the family. We blame the government, lack of time, lack of qualitative teachers, the economy of the country for the degeneration faced in our society. We keep playing the blame game forgetting that each of us evolve from a family. we are all coming from a house hold, each of us didn't just drop from heaven to constitute a force in the larger society. Hence we need to retrace our steps, create positive change, adopt positive measures and create a balance in our daily lives as parents in order to bring up Godly kids in the society. As parents, help that child to nourish his dream. Help that child grow into a responsible and respected citizen in the country. Help that child revive that lost dream due to low self esteem. Help that child grow. Instil in that child values that help him grow. Let that child believe in his dreams again. Please help that child.
Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the Almighty God who is the source of inspiration and wisdom.
Writer: Uwagboe Anthonia Peace


Competition is good. Is a tool for survival and improvement but when it is taken to the extreme it becomes unhealthy. As human is like we are hard wired from birth to compete. Even in the animal kingdom survival of the fittest prevail. Organisations compete against each other, students compete against students, teachers against teachers, the list is endless. Even in the political sector there is high level of competition where each parties dig deep into the dirt in his opponent's past. The one that comes up with the strongest evidence probably will be voted to power.

In the capitalist market as well competition has eaten deep into the system. In order for one industry to rise above another ( to be the force that drive global economy of the country) one will make false claim about how a particular product from the other company ( their competitor) contains some deadly chemicals which can lead to death of the consumer in no time. This kind of false claim of course will raise fear and compassion on the part of the consumer and in order to save life and not be beaten up by his lack of concern towards the warning given through a social medium he sends multiple broadcast message via different social media( bbm, whatapp, facebook,) to friends in order to save himself from guilt. I was a victim of this same thing not too long ago so I decided to write about it and share knowledge to the reader. When my friend got the message I sent about a particular brand, he was like why are you bad mouthing someone else's product? Do you want that company to fold? Then I told him I just had to send it because I was feeling guilty that someone's life might actually be in my hands . Then he called me to order and said leave NAFDAC work to NAFDAC. If there is any thing wrong NAFDAC will raise awareness. Then i saw reasons with him.

Competition has eaten deep within our system. Not only among homo sapiens but among animals in the jungle. It is the survival of the fittest said Darwin. The truth is that some of this companies knows the power of the human mind. They know human most time are not driven by logic but by emotions. So they use this as leverage. A long time ago there was a situation that occurred in America. Someone developed a serious stomach ache after drinking a particular soda from a vending machine, this news got spread throughout every social media ( saying that the drink contained some deadly chemical) in no time there was great panic everywhere and people who had taken the same kind of drink from a venting machine earlier that day started complaining of similar problem ( stomach upset). Ambulance ran around throughout that day in the States. Law enforcement agency (FDA) had to make sure the drink ( the soda in question) got thoroughly analysed in the laboratory. And behold the drink was free of such deadly claim. People who suffered stomach ache recovered quickly when they heard the news. These people made unhealthy suggestion to their brains which later cause a release of chemicals in their system which caused them stomach pain. This is how the emotion fear can trigger sensation of pain in the body. It is all in the mind.

 This incident might be as a result of one company trying to bring down the other company. It is called the survival of the fittest. Knowing that human are not driven by logic but by emotion, some of these companies leverage on this and use you as a medium to circulate lies. Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the Almighty God. Written by : Uwagboe Anthonia Peace.

              DREAM HIGH

Dreams are powerful. They take us from a helpless state to a hopeful state ( a state filled with hope).Dreams are powerful. They change our outlook about life. They direct our thoughts and makes us focus on the positive side of life. Though our present state may be undesirable but our dreams help renew our hope. Sometimes we do a reality checkup and cast our dreams aside, sometimes we come to pick them up and continue our journey of life. Dreams help strengthened our hope, makes us face the future in positive light. Often many drop their dreams when they are told by well intentioned people who tell them to wake up and do a reality check up. Many are reminded about the long poverty history in their family line, many are reminded about their insufficient education, many are reminded about their present state condition, many are reminded about past failure and countless disappointments. Only a few refused to give up their long cherished dreams. The dreamers are those who shape the world. Last time I checked it is still the dreamers world. Dreams allow us to bring our mental resources into fruition. Every great man today once had a dream. When that dream is realised, they still dream on making themselves relevant in the society and the world at large.

That dream is seen in that Boli (roasted plantain) seller who constantly endures the burning inferno from the sun combined with the heat that comes from roasting plantain just to make sure that her 6 years old son who was sent home from school goes back to school.
That dream is seen in that father who is constantly bullied at work by superiors young enough to be his younger brothers but constantly continues to receive insults just to make sure his daughter whom he is training in college graduate and make him a proud father.
That dream is seen in that child who despite his humble background hawk and save up to finish with school in order to have a secured future.
That dream is seen in that widow who works very hard to make sure her two children graduate from school before retirement.
That dream is seen in that physically challenged boy who despite his condition works hard to become someone of great value in the society in order not to survive on charity
That long persistent voice that silently echoed in the ears of the Americans, which was imprinted in bold letters in the heart of the Americans and other people in various parts of the world from generation to generation " I have a dream that one day the sons of the slave and the sons of the slave masters will one day sit at the table of brotherhood. That dream, Obama is living that dream today.

Dreams change our lives perspectives. Dreams keep us moving against all odds. Dreams are like compass, they take us to our desirable end. Dreams gives us the opportunity to create changes in our lives. We all want to move from a place of poverty to a place of abundance. From a place of damaged hope to a place of restored hope. Our dreams change us and pull us towards people who share the same vision with us.
Thomas Edison had a dream that one day all homes will receive brightness through his findings.
Mother Theresa had a dream that one day she would rise to bring peace among people through the service of love.
Wangari Maathai had a dream that the earth will receive healing. She created the green movement which prevent the heartless killings of wild animals and encouraged the planting of trees and the replacement of cut down trees in rain forest.
The Wright brothers believed that one day man will fly as birds in the sky, that dream is now a reality as we now enjoy the aircraft today.

Dream high today you can make it
Dream high today you can achieve that dream
Dream high today, don't place a ceiling on your dreams
Dream high today, you can become what you want to be
Dream high.
Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the almighty God who is the source of wisdom and inspiration. Written by: Uwagboe Anthonia Peace.


We all want to experience change in our lives. Obama talked about change through the message of HOPE. Martin Luther King Jnr talked about the message of DREAMS. All these messages conveys an element of change. The essence of life is to experience positive change which makes us happy. But change is doing the old thing the new way. Hence nothing in this world is new but a "metamorphosised" or "evolutionarised" concept of a previously existing thing. Nothing is static in this life. This is why people must continuously dream, learn,read ,work, rethink, cause everything in life is subject to change. Change although is accompanied by some level of stress, mental challenges, emotional challenges, psychological shifting in the direction that drives an individual towards change. If you fail to change your approach towards life and stick to the traditional way of doing things simply because you have become so comfortable with the status quo don't be dismayed when everything around you have moved forward ten years later and you start asking yourself where did it all go wrong. If you have achieved that desired dream of yours, dream again. Better still dream a bigger dream. If you have finished reading that life enhancing book look for a better book and read again. If you have finished learning that course make sure you get updated about that course and don't stick to old methods of doing things simply because it is comfortable for you. Improve your thinking by being open to constructive ideologies. Increase your intellectual, mental, psychological, emotional and communication capacity.

 To you who is not open to information about the course you studied in school after graduation, to you i write this message. To you who believe education stops or end at the four wall of the school to you i write this message. To you who only relies on your 1st class or your 2nd class upper certificate without as much building the needed capacity that gives you edge to get that dream job to you i write this message. Nothing in this life is new but an improved version of the pre-existing one. Things change, people change. You say your friend has become egoistic simply because he has attracted fortune and he is no longer associating with you but rather associate with others that are equally as rich as he is. My friend, the distance between you and your rich friend might no be because of the wealth he possess but it might be because of the gap in personalities which you so lack to fit into his new circle of friendship. If you are opportuned to be with him, what kind of things would you say? Would you be able to flow mentally, psychologically when you engage on a one to one discussion with this your friend?.

Change is what brings newness to a thing. Technology is going through positive changes. Phones laptops softwares hardwares all these things are improved to fit into the context of a dynamic system, to fit into the context of a changing world. I personally believe Nigeria economy is not bad but is going through changes. Just about few months back our country added 89% to its GDP making it t largest African economy. But some people don't feel that quantum leap our country is experiencing. Their reason is that the money is not circulating equally. They don't feel the change our economy is experiencing. But one question i want you to answer is that, does your current knowledge, computer knowledge, intellectual, mental and psychological capacity fit into the context of this dynamic world? If you really want that positive change work on yourself everyday.

Almost everyone will find it absurd when asked to go back to the stone age because it means so many things to most of us. To the musician it means singing without a sound system, to the little child it means looking at the moonlight at night and counting the stars instead of playing a video game. To the house wives it means using a mortar and a pistil instead of using a blender. To the average man on the street it means using a sleigh or a cart instead of the newly improved BMW. Change indeed is a part of a growing nation, a growing individual. Let us embrace change and make our lives our world a better place.

Thank you for reading this article. This article was inspired by the Holy spirit. Written by : UWAGBOE ANTHONIA PEACE.

                  (Above is the picture of a beheaded girl in a carnal)

                                            IN PURSUIT OF WEALTH

Many have fallen far short of love. They have been chained and held bound by greed. In pursuit of happiness and monetary possessions they have even lost a bigger wealth which is the joy of living. They have been consumed with the flame of greed combined with the shackles of hate thus they have fallen below the level of the beast. In their pursuit for wealth and monetary possessions they have left so many value behind them. The innocent killings of young ones by uncles brothers who belong to the same blood line as the victim is multiplying.

 In their pursuit for wealth they have left some values behind. In their pursuit for happiness they have even become more wretched, hungrier and thirstier for happiness. They seek it in the wrong places, they do evil things. They have been long bound by the shackles of hate, resentment, jealousy, greed. This is the age where brotherly love has been replaced with brotherly hate. Because they are so conscious of self due to their greed they have for long lost who they really are. Above all they have lost the true essence of life which is the joy of living

It pains me how Satan has caged the minds of some people, that in this age and time some people still believe human head, liver heart can be converted into wealth. thus they have become a willing slave to the Devil and a great threat to humanity. Because of their confused animal thought they have stopped living like normal people. Such are those who do not have value for God's creature, the very life they can not create, they mercilessly take away. Also this is the age where our youths the leaders of NOW sell their kidneys just to feed their hungry soul. A situation that arise from a sickly thought. 

 Thanks for reading this article.This article was inspired by the Holy spirit. Written by: Uwagboe Anthonia Peace.     

Animals are paying for our carelessness

There is this great excitement that fills the air when a new pet ( e.g pekinese) arrive a home.  If the pet happen to be a Pekinese ( a short hairy dog) people want to touch it and feel the texture of the fur,  people want to carry it and snap pictures with it because it looks so white and beautiful.  Then reality sets in when the dog poos,  pees,  or start jumping uncontrollably and then you realise you don't just have a pet you have a responsibility.  Pets are not toys,  they are not furniture either.  Simply because the majority of furniture in your apartment are white you decided to get yourself a white Pekinese which you place on your couch in order to match with the colour of your couch does not make that pet an ornament. That dog is a living creature that share a close physiological settings with human being.  Hence it needs to be cared for,  loved, it needs to be well fed ( not on cookies), it needs clean water, clean environment,  clean air and lots of exercise for maximum health.

Today dogs, cats,  birds becomes obese because they are fed poorly.  Even in their obese state they are still malnourished. Animals today also suffer from diet related diseases because they feed on animal foods that have low nutritional content but are neatly packaged by companies who place profit before well being of animals. Animals need lots of exercise to feel fit  and healthy,  engaging in exercise also give them the opportunity to burn excess calories which are converted into fat when they are not active.  Animals too especially dog and cats which have close physiological settings with man is exposed to cancer,  heart disease,  joint pain and more when they are fed devitalised food and chained.

Our uncle Tom remembers to put on the aquarium light in order to beautify his home but forgets to feed the fishes and change the water in the tank. When the fishes in the unkept aquarium dies he gets himself some new coloured aquarium fishes because he can afford it. The truth is though his money can buy some new ones his money can not bring the dead ones back to life.  Hence he is contributing to increase loss of biodiversity of the marine ecosystem. The way we treat animals reflects who we really are.  Why get these fishes from their safe abode and subject them to starvation,  cruelty and abandonment?  If you can't take full responsibility why did you have to buy that dog?  If you can't take full responsibility why suspend that coloured bird on your ceiling without constantly giving it water and food and allow it some measure of freedom in order to exercise its wild nature?  Most people think of their pets are ornaments( especially the coloured ones) which they use to add beauty to their apartments. 

 Most individuals think of their pets as toys. These pets are not toys. They are living creatures that respond to stimulus too.  If they fall ill they will need some prescribed medication or might need to be taken to the vetenary doctor for check up. If they are constantly fed cookies ( a term for refined animal food) they might become obese which will expose them to other obesity related diseases which sometimes requires them to go through surgeries.  At this point many people abandoned their pets because they can't afford the medical bills.  Others just watch them die slowly and go through the pain of losing a companion for a few days and return to their normal life again  others just throw then away and get themselves healthy pets and continue to feed them in an unhealthy way.

Today animals are paying for our carelessness. The rise of genetic engineering is helping us solve so many of our problems.  Genetic engineering has been introduced in many health related field.  Food,  drugs, animals,  waste management ( e.g petrol spill taken up by micro organisms that are genetically modified ), and even human tissues ( stem cells) are genetically modified today.  The man who out of alcohol abuse suffers kidney failure may decide to get a transplant using pig organ as a donor, a process that is referred to as  XENOTRANSPLANTATION in genetics. Now the animal dies in this process while he lives until he gets a human donor when it is available. ( it is usually a long queue,  as lots of people queue for human donor). Even if the sacrificed animal was genetically modified,  it still feels pain and is still an animal and not toy. I am not saying that this approach (xenotransplantation) is bad,  all am saying is simply because we have alternatives doesn't mean we should misuse it. Animals too deserve some measure of respect.

Diet related diseases is not peculiar to Homo sapient alone it also affects animals that share the same physiological settings with human. Dogs get obese when overly fed with highly refined food. Cows sticking to natures provision flourish in health and is not prone to diseases related to modern feeding life style. Natures products is still the best in healing the system. Cows, goats which are less likely to be chosen as pets still stick to nature provision. Hence they flourish in health.  You hardly take your goat or cow to the vet.
Pets are not designed to be immobile. Remember they are wild creature but are now exposed to modern life style which of course is no fault of theirs. Chaining a dog for long hours in the balcony,  beautifying an aquarium with excessive ornaments without allowing much space for it to swim ( exercise) , caging a coloured bird for long hours is depriving such animals freedom. Freedom which they enjoy long enough in the wild until unfortunately they are taken up by predators who are higher than them in the food chain. As a pet owner the individual should be responsible and ensure that all daily requirement is met in order for that living creature to live a healthy life.

Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the almighty God who is the source of wisdom and inspiration.  Written by : Uwagboe Anthonia Peace.

 As human when we discover our passion is only natural that we want to express it in order to improve ourselves but people often interpret this as pride or show off. Take for instance, a girl who loves to give intellectual opinions in any social gathering may be viewed by friends as someone who just likes to show off her talent. This kind of interpretation coming from such people usually lead to build up of negative emotions on their part against the girl. The build up of jealousy in this people leads to resentment towards this brilliant girl and such girl sensing this makes her slow down and eventually stops.

In organisational settings some workers are faced with one co-worker or more who happen to be bullies. People who bully are those who have poor self concept of themselves.  When a co-worker seems to be performing at a high peak it puts them in a uncomfortable spots and they begin to view this very brilliant co-worker as being overly ambitious and someone who seeks self glory while inwardly they wish they were the ones getting the whole glory and attention from their boss. They become resentful, hateful, angry, envious,  jealous and they get into intense competition with this high performance genius but their effort and determination becomes short lived because of the strong negative emotions that pull them further below the ladder of success and because they have not learned to love their job they fail to attract the qualities  that keep them performing at high peak. When their best effort becomes short lived and when they realise they can't compete with this genius, they begin to poison the mind of the other co-workers about that hard working genius. This of course increase the negative  emotional energy coming from all these workers which is expressed in resentment, silent treatment and social disconnection from that genius among them. Coping in such negative environment may becomes increasingly difficult for this genius if he has not learned how to manage his emotions and the behaviours of others. This in turn affects the level of productivity on his part.  The truth is organisation bully is one reason for high absenteeism, increase turnover,  poor performance among workers within an organisation which often leads to low productivity. 

During my NYSC days I knew a girl who usually gave brilliant opinions during any meetings we held. She had problem solving skill. But eventually she stopped because people started giving her a odd reaction. That was a great talent that required to be nurtured.  As she further gives brilliant opinions this will help her when she  eventually starts working in an organisation. By then she would have learned to manage her emotions and the behaviour of others around her which will in turn make her get used to people's negative reaction and comments.

I used to know a girl who always asked penetrating and brilliant  questions after every lectures.  It became a usual thing such that people often anticipated in order to make jest of her class. She became uneasy because of their reaction towards her and eventually she stopped asking brilliant questions. That was a gift that ought to have been nurtured. It only takes a brilliant question to get a brilliant answer. The truth is everything around us is brought into reality as a result of people who asked themselves quality and penetrating questions. Cars,  cell phones, televisions, micro phones, light bulbs,  aeroplanes,  helicopters, bicycles,  freezers, computers, and more came to physical manifestation because of people who don't settle for less but keep asking themselves quality questions in order to produce quality results. Hence they are people who drive change. These geniuses keep making improve versions of their products in order to remain relevant and to fit into the context of a dynamic system. Yesterday cars has been improved to fit into the context of this new system because of people who ask productive and penetrating questions. Yesterday's box screen TV has been improved into a flat screen TV. This came to being because of people who asked  themselves penetrating questions. If you want change in your life there is need for you to ask productive and empowering questions. People who ask productive and penetrating questions are those who get to improve because they get to know their weaknesses and get to improve on them. This is why organisations who want change and don't settle for less ask their customers questions on how they can serve them better. Organisation leaders engage in meetings with employees because they want change and because they get their employees to ask penetrating questions and make them develop problem solving skills which eventually lead to increase productivity. Most time we get discouraged, we become worn out as a result of toxic people who carries around them negative energy which tend to pull down our best effort. The truth is such people desire they could do what you do.  They silently wish they were the ones giving intellectual opinions and not you. They wish they were the ones singing with that lovely voice and not you,  they wish they were the ones getting that scholarship to study abroad and not you,  they wish they were the ones having that promotion and not you, they wish they were the ones getting the attention and not you. So they give you a hate attitude so that you can stop expressing your self because you put them in an uncomfortable spot. Instead of building the character that attracts such desirable talents or results they build hate,  resentment,jealousy,anger which further prevent them from attaining such desirable quality you possess. They impress upon their subconscious mind mean messages which further prevent them from attaining that desirable traits or results. The subconscious mind is a perfect memory.  It accept anything you impress on it whether good or bad  and it gives you back in measure of that which you impress on it.  This is why people who engage in anger and jealousy are those who get injured more internally because they hardly relax their muscles which leads to the constriction of the arteries which eventually causes their hearts to experience so much pressure. When they repeatedly  engage this negative emotions they are often at the risk of getting a heart attack.  Hate, jealousy,  anger,  resentment towards someone who is successful in any area further kills dedication,  hard work,  discipline and further distance the person that harbour such negative emotions from that thing which they so desire. This is why the Bible says we should rejoice with them that rejoice. Doing this you will impress goodness upon your subconscious mind which will eventually bring goodness into your life  as the subconscious mind can't tell between real and unreal but just follow order.

Toxic people are everywhere. In school settings,  in organisational settings, in church,  in mosque,  in any social gathering  and even on the internet. As an individual who strive for excellence, when you find yourself in this kind of negative settings don't be discouraged. Learn to stand alone and grow even more. As individual people often watch what we do. When you start progressing others around you will also want to make progress. Hence you begin to drive change in your sphere of influence. Don't hide your talent,  don't let that talent wither because if you do that talent won't grow and you will end up losing it and you will become unproductive in life. There is difference between showing off and expressing the goodness within.  When you show off your talent won't grow because you do it for the wrong reasons and in the end you will get tired of doing it.  But when you truly love what you do you will attract every qualities that will help you grow and you will grow even more at all time. Don't let people's negative emotions  stop you from doing what you are designed to do. Get used to their bad comments and even grow with it .improve yourself and never stop growing.

Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to God Almighty who is the source of inspiration and wisdom.
Written by: Uwagboe Anthonia Peace

Power of thought and emotion: how they determine the quality of your life.

As mankind we feel some sets of emotion on a daily basis. Emotion like cheerfulness can set in motion other similar emotions like gratitude, happiness, hope and pleasure. Emotion like sadness can set in motion other similar emotions of it kinds like depression, unhappiness, and despair. Emotion like neglect can set in motion other similar emotions like insecurity, homesickness, humiliation and frustration. Emotion like anger can set in motion similar emotion of its kind like fury, wrath, resentment and hate. The emotions that we feel arise from the meaning we give to experiences or events that happen in our lives. What you are today is the sum or totality of the emotional energy that you have invested into your life experiences or events that had happened in your life. As mankind you are the creator of your destiny because you have the power to control your subconscious mind. Many today feel out of control,  powerless and they feel like victims of circumstances because they have not learnt to control their thoughts. Thoughts are the source where emotions arise. 

As human we can't stop ourselves from thinking thoughts because we are thoughts ourselves.  Where our power lies is in the ability to control those thoughts. Thought that is held long enough sets in motion series of similar thoughts which is often accompanied by series of emotions of their kind which subsequently released a field of energy.  This field of energy may be positive or negative depending on the quality of thought you engage. Thoughts and emotions are part of our daily recipe as human. You can't go through the day without thinking thoughts hence you can't go through the day without feeling some emotions. When you learn to control your thought you will ultimately attract those positive emotions which will make you feel great and productive because those positive field of energy that accompanies positive emotions will be rightly and productively invested in your life, work and health. The quality of thought you engage determines the quality of emotion that follows. Emotions don't just appear they appear as a result of thoughts or rather as a result of the meaning you give to events that happen around you.

You feel like a victim because you think like a victim, you feel abundance of peace, happiness and love in your life because you think thoughts that produce it likes. The feeling if lack arise from the thought of lack. Emotions have their root in thought. The meaning that you give to events determines how much control you will have over it or how much control it will have over you. The man who feels like a victim, who feels small,  unappreciated, misused, in his place of work  because his boss treats him with so much disdain, disrespect and transfers aggression on him occasionally has not learnt to channel his thoughts productively in order to effect the release of those positive emotions that bring about the release of positive field of energy which will subsequently lead to self growth and make him productive in his place of work despite the way his boss treats him. Such man attracts to himself negative field of energy because of the way he interprets the  events that happen around him. He sees himself as a mere employee who has no say in the company,  he sees himself as small,  he sees himself as powerless and as a victim hence the feeling of self pity sets in. Such individual sees his boss as someone who uses power to oppress him hence he begins to build up anger, depression and a feeling of helplessness. He makes statements like "I just don't know why my boss hates me" , my boss don't see what I do right" and all. All this kind of statements makes such person feel like a victim. But when such person learn to see that boss as someone who is weak without power because he misuses power then he will put himself in a positive state of mind because this kind of thought won't make him feel like a victim but as someone who is in charge of his own feelings and reaction. 

Majority of people engage in thoughts that makes them feel like a victim. They stress their current situation, they magnify the events around them and keep strengthening preexisting beliefs they have about themselves. What you think is what you feel and what you feel is what you will eventually become. As a man thinketh so he is says the book of proverbs. We can't change our emotions by trying to run away from them they can only be changed when they are successfully replaced with more empowering ones by controlling our thoughts to desirable ones. Many engage in internal war, piercing words like " I am not good enough that's why I didn't get the promotion, I am not good enough that is why my boss always treat me badly and transfer aggression on me,  I am not good enough that's why I can't get enough money, I am not qualified enough that's why I didn't pass the interview" , thoughts like this gives a distorted view of what you are really capable of and place a ceiling over the belief you have about  yourself.

Man has control over his life because he has the power to control his subconscious mind. Most people today feel powerless because they fail to use this power. You can change that disempowering emotion by changing your thought. Negative emotions like rage,  fear, insecurity,  unhappiness, despair can change our outlook about life. They give us a distorted view about our circumstances and the events that happen around us. When you learn to change your thoughts to favourable ones then you will to attract those emotions that will uplift your spirit. The power to direct your thought to a more favourable ones is within you. It is a conscious thing to do. This power you can possess if you gradually learn to make use of it. It is a learning process. The truth is if you can successfully learn to change those disempowering thoughts you will improve the quality of your life.

Thanks for reading this article.I dedicate this article to the Almighty God who is the source of wisdom and inspiration.

Writen by : Uwagboe Anthonia Peace


Many writers have talked about how man is the creator of his destiny. They have talked about how man possess such great power within. They have talked about how man being the controller of his destiny can effect a change in his life. But they hardly tell us how man can make use of this power within him.  Many people from all walks of life,  work all day and night but have little to show for it.  They are hard workers, they work day and night to meet up with living standard yet no matter hard they work wealth seems to elude them and go into the hands of a few. Many seeing others prosper become angry,  jealous, covetous, resentful, envious, because what they strive to get a few others are getting it without working as hard as they do, without sweating their eye brows yet riches, wealth seems to locate their door steps. They seek for answers why majority fail to prosper and a few others easily attract wealth to themselves hence they conclude that they are just lucky,  they must have been unjust in their business dealings or God just chose to bless them because they must have been good people in their previous lives. 

 Man is the creator of his destiny because man has the power to alter his subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a perfect memory.  It just follows order whether good or bad. The subconscious mind is like a fertile ground that convert every thought-seed into reality. As human when we leave our subconscious mind open to everyone disempowering thought,  weeds take root in our subconscious mind and it manifest in our lives as poverty, strive, pain, failure, dissappointment, lack and more. The subconcious mind works using the law of attraction. Every emotionalized thought takes it root in the subconcious mind and it is converted into physical reality. Your belief has its root in your subconcious mind. Many people further strengthen their belief system when they filter new thought to match with the pre-existing belief system. New belief is gathered from New experience which people filter to fit with their pre-existing belief system. Hence a man can only change his belief system by consciously directing the thought he impress on his subconcious mind since beliefs are made from thoughts. As he consciously gathers new thought a new belief is formed in his subconcious mind which is   further strengthened as he provides new evidence which match or supports the new pre-existing belief system. As he consciously direct his thoughts to strengthen this new belief the old belief system gradually weaken and is finally lost.  This is how a man can change limiting belief system which has taken root in his subconcious mind into empowering belief system which make him attract the things he really wants to attract in life.  As man our thought, belief,  behaviour take their root in our subconcious mind.  

The subconcious mind is powerful and man has the power to influence his subconcious mind. Since the subconcious mind work based on the law of attraction,  what you constantly think about,  you attract. The Bible says as a man thinketh so he is. You become what you think. Man himself is thought. As thought (man) you attract similar thought (man). You are made from thought. Your belief is made from thought. Law of attraction says like attract like. Hence what you attract into your life is what you are.  You attract people, opportunities,  ideas,  events, thought, belief, into your life based on who you are,  based on the quality of you. Have you ever wondered why someone you discuss with some friends suddenly shows up? This is the power of attraction. Speaking ill of money,  saying hateful things about those who have money,  being happy when a wealthy person suddenly fall into debt,  silently wishing that the rich becomes poor,  make such person who indulge such thoughts poor. Thus is because this kind of thoughts further repel such person from what they really want. They want money but they speak ill of money and speak ill of those who have money or those who are wealthy forgetting that money or wealth also obeys the law of attraction thus the very thing they want they never attract. The belief that their is virtue in poverty create more poverty in the life of the man that indulge such thoughts because as he thinks he becomes and what he becomes he attract. In life you don't attract what you want ,you attract what you are.

Man is beyond the physical being. You are not just made of tissue, bone and flesh. There is more to you. Man is made of thought. This is why similar thoughts attracts. Most time it is not money that draw people to people, it is personality that draws people to people. A millionaire may feel a sense of repulsion with his old school friend who is still struggling in poverty not because of the million he possess but because of the gap in thought which further repels him from associating with  that friend. Another millionaire may feel a sense of attraction with his old school friend who is poor because their thought attract. Their personality attract. This is because this person does not condemn riches. This person has built himself but is yet to get the riches in the physical. Jealousy,  envy, covetousness, and other destructive emotions that cause the eruption of negative field of energy is not part of him because he has discovered his purpose in life. Hence the discovery of purpose makes him mind his business, such that he doesn't seek for the fall of others but for the good of others. Hence he attracts into himself people, opportunities, ideas, that match with his good thought.
You are what you think. What you think is what you become. The power to direct your life lies within you. When you learn to alter your subconcious mind,  and consciously direct your thought you will change your out look about life and you will change your life because that which you think, you attract into your life.
Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the Almighty God who is the source of wisdom and inspiration.
Written by: Uwagboe Anthonia Peace

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