Wednesday, 2 November 2016


"What we call talent is our assigned work on earth- Tonia".

As mankind we are interdependent creatures filled with limitless capacities and  unique characteristics to the attainment of a common goal. Life is structured in such a way that each of us has a part to play in it. And the part we choose to play in life is influenced by that internal signal. There is a plan in which each of us fit and until we make ourselves available and fit in that plan we will experience meaninglessness. Discovering our part in that plan give us a sense of purpose. The part each of us play in this plan enable us tap fully our potentials, enable us fully develop our talents, give us a sense of purpose and significance. The specific part we choose to devote our creativity permeate the entire parts or whole. The unique characteristics each of us possess direct us to fit into a specific part in this plan which ultimately give us a sense of meaning, fulfillment, satisfaction and joy. We are all creature connected by necessities. We all have needs and we are all required to meet needs. A car for example represents a plan. We know the basic function of a car is for the purpose of transportation. Within a  car contain several components or parts which have a unique structural characteristics and which are also interdependent on one another for the proper functioning of the car. These different parts that exist within a car are created for specific purposes and are  assembled to achieve a common goal. Now, assuming these parts are not aligned in their proper position within the plan, then these parts will not fully achieve their true potential, the full purpose of the plan will it be achieved and the effort to make them work in harmony will be frustrated. This is exactly how people are. They are not in their proper niche, hence they fail to experience a sense of purpose and meaning which is the reward of being in ones place of calling. 

Each of us as mankind possess unique characteristic features which yearn for expression. When we fail to position ourselves in our proper place in life our unique features will not be fully expressed. Your purpose is to act on that which lies within you. When you discover what lies within you your eyes will be opened to the plan you belong. By align in ourselves to our field of interest we play a significant role in converting greatness into wealth and we find meaning in our work. What we call talent is our assigned work on earth. Perhaps you love football, cars, books, fashion, perhaps you love to be a make up artist, perhaps you love talking. All these are clues to where your interest really lies. Of course loving football does not necessarily mean you have a talent for playing football in the field. There are many positions surrounding the game of football. Football as a game is the center which comprises several components ( positions) that ensures successful functioning of the game. The commentators, the players, the referee, the coach, the football presenter, the Keeper etc all share a common love for football as a game. This love act as the clue which draw them to function in a specific position where they truly express their gifts, where they find a sense of purpose and experience meaning in life. 

Now what happen when you are not connected to your true calling? You get bored, frustrated, and unhappy. When you align yourself to your place of calling you focus your power into something bigger. When you know your calling you see life in a new light, you see yourself playing a part in it. You begin to know the reason for your existence. Life excited you, you become passionate about what truly matters in life which is service to humanity. The man who has not discovered and aligned himself to his place of calling on earth sees promotion, increase in salary, new cars and houses as a bonus of his effort and not necessarily the reason he works. A man who has not discovered purpose is only concerned with what he can get and not what he can give. I do not mean "giving" in term of philanthropy, i mean in term of playing ones part in extending positive influence to the wider society through ones effort. Do you picture yourself being happy in a laboratory mixing chemicals? Do you picture yourself as a make up artist despite the fact that you have a degree in pharmacology? You see people place so much respect on some talents and despise other talents seeing them as less significant. The truth is that we are all connected and no one talent is greater or superior than the other. The talent that people look down upon are not necessarily small, they are only less recognized. You have to be true to yourself if you really want to experience meaning and peace of mind in life. When you are in your place of calling love flow through your effort. See yourself as a team player in that place providence has found for you. A successful team requires the effort of everyone and that part you play in that team has a significant impact in the whole. When you realize you are a team player in that specific plan your calling direct you you will realize how important and significant you are. Don't  look down on your talents, grow it, nurture it and fulfill your unique purpose on earth.

Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to God Almighty who is the source of inspiration and knowledge. 
Written by: Uwagboe Anthonia Peace. 

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