Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Societies everywhere is plagued with violent, cynical, brutish people who exist with us and whom we must learn to accommodate. These are people who are emotionally weak, intellectually impotent and who abandon reason for axes and cutlasses. These are people who lack control over their their limbs and motor co-ordinations and whose body is long disconnected from their brains. These are the people we must learn to accommodate, tolerate, and show through effective and wise choice of words impact the right standard of behavioral conducts. Yes conducts. We do not only communicate through the opening and closing of our upper and lower mandibles. Words electrify people when they are preached through our personal conduct and composure.  I decided to write this piece for a reason. This reason has to do with mankind reaction towards his fellow man whose style of worship differs from his own and as a result he views his own religion as superior by condemning his neighbors religion. Argument relating to religion has resulted into violence, massacre, blood shed and has taken the lives of innocent many along side. Religion was introduced to mankind to connect him in harmony with his fellow man but the need to feel superior lead many to heated argument during religious debate which ultimately result into violence in some unfortunate cases when one of the opponents happens to be existing in his lowest animal form.  

There are people whose phalanges quickly form a fist at any person who renders contrary opinion relating to their religion. These are people who are still existing in their crudest human form and whose mind as closed to new knowledge, whose minds are informed with biases and prejudice and are rigid to accept new information. These are the people that we share the world with and whom we must learn to understand and empathize with in order to exist successfully. When some stranger slightly push you out of sight do you engage in argument with such individual? When some touts hint some insulting words at you, do you wait and exchange words with such person?  Understand that these are people who have not yet come to themselves, who do not yet know their opinion but blindly follow the opinions of religious leaders without exercising their faculty of reasoning. How can such individual function successfully when his ability to reason is thwarted with mental prejudice, stereotype and biases? Some individuals of the opposite religion have lost their lives, have been beheaded and burnt to death by these group of brutes as a result of engaging in religion argument with them. These are people who only go in one direction and that directions is a result of the belief that has been incorporated into their subconscious by religious leaders which they hold uncritically and fail to question. Hence any contrary opinion grow in them seed of offense, anger, vexation of spirits and they retaliate the only way a crude being knows how to retaliate : They engage in physical violence and shed  blood and this gives them a sense of victory, a sense of commitment to their unique and separate God ( as they see themselves as good and obedient servant fighting for a just cause). But what justice is their in blood shed, violence and fighting? 

You see religion was brought into existence to strengthen relationships among mankind. Religion impact our being, our relationships and character. Religion although introduced for a just cause makes  and breaks bonds. It strengthens and breaks trust. Religion makes and breaks relationships, bring peace and war. But this dual characteristics aspect of religion lies in the condition of the minds of mankind. Many people don't consciously exercise their mind to think constructively. Many lack emotional maturity and accept every religion information from many religious leaders uncritically. This of course inform their emotions and actions when involved in some religious arguments. Since every  religion preach peace, the very act of violence is a result of the myopic view of the individual who lack control over his own mind. Understand that people have different grades of consciousness and that the large portion of the society are yet to know their own opinion, they are only a strenuous upholder of opinions that are passed to them by some religious leaders. Hence engaging in heated argument with such people in matters surrounding religion can end up badly. 

Thanks for reading this argument. I dedicate this article to the Almighty God who is the source of knowledge and inspiration. 

Written by: Uwagboe Anthonia Peace.

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