Tuesday, 16 August 2016

                   DON'T QUIT
Giving up our dreams appear to be the easier choice, the less stressful choice than holding on to them. The thought of giving up can be painful due to the feeling of guilt that accompanies such thought. Since we are creatures equipped with the ability and freedom to make choices we tend to device some strategic means to make our actions less painful. We come up with good enough reasons to help us cope with our decisions. We form bonds with others who feed is with information that support our actions. As a result of the feeling of guilt that accompanies the thought giving up their dreams, many consciously seek companies that support their decision to give up. They listen to woe tales, failure stories , exaggerated set back experiences shared by some circle of quitters which ultimately raise self doubt, and encourage them to give up their dreams thus making the giving up process less painful. 

Because our deepest dreams are often ties to our conscience many strive to overcome the feeling of guilt (that accompanies giving up their dreams) by blaming outside circumstances,their partners, their boss, unfavorable socioeconomic condition, their coworkers etc,thus excluding themselves completely from taking part in their share of the blame. Since quitting is less stressful but more painful due to the guilt that accompanies giving up a long cherished dream that give life to one existence many develop strategic means to manage the situation. Many form bond with some group of mediocre who lack dreams, purpose and drive , they pay attention to failure stories by seeing people who have given up on their dreams, they blame the challenges surrounding their dreams and completely exclude themselves from the blame in order to protect their ego, and they justify their reason for giving up on circumstances beyond their control. 

The truth is our action on this regard often serve as defense mechanism which help us protect our ego and make us not to see ourselves from the angle of failure or loser. Because the thought of seeing ourselves as failures or loses is painful and rob negatively on our self esteem. Before you give up, think about why you started, thinking should never be an option. Quitting may win you a lot of mediocre and so much comfort but it will never make you taste the sweetness of an accomplished dream or give up the opportunity to share the success stories of others who aspire to bring their dreams into reality. Avoid giving credit to doubt by exercising personal power which help you maintain a long commitment to your dream through difficult periods and times of setback. The truth is we all have capacity to stretch our mind and improve beyond our present reality. Integrating this fact into our psyche help us adjust our emotions and help us maintain internal balance when faced with change and stress it accompanies. The truth is that no amount of "excuses" can fill that void in you than your dreams and purpose in life. 

Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the Almighty God who is the source of   knowledge and wisdom.
Written by: Uwagboe Anthonia Peace 


In many cities, streets, abandoned building and many street corners exist teenagers, young adults and old men who are victims of certain vegetables substances. These are dead walking men, lost people, people with cases of psychosis, schizophrenia, who as a result of long term dependent on cocaine and meth become street wanderers. Many individuals who out of the need to gain acceptance by members of some groups in many societies take certain kind of vegetable in order to raise their esteem and grow their confidence among peers. 

Vegetable in its native and unaltered state help in the cleansing and facilitation of bowel movement but man in an attempt to raise his esteem and sell confidence to his fellow man convert vegetable to alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy, Meth and more which is fellow man willingly buy use and blame other for the evil that accompanies his long term dependent on this substances. Many are trapped,frightened, depressed, lost and unsure of their next fix. The product of vegetable which once brought them into a state euphoria, excitement, has led many into a state of despair, disappointment, shame, and the feeling of abandonment and rejection fill the space of love and care as close friends have distanced themselves from them and some family members show no concern and empathy. The entire body system of some promising kids have been disrupted by this substances which they seek to regain by getting a new fix in order to remain functional and gain mental and physical balance. Every glass of alcohol and every intake of cocaine leads to the loss of control of their limbs. Family happiness are sacrificed at the expense of getting a new fix again  and again. Many have lost relation with people as they exhibit psychosis behavior and communicate with the spirit of cocaine in the form of seeing what others can't see, hearing what others can't hear and the feeling of bug bite under their skin  which comes from the impairment of their cognition. 

Despite the mountain of evidence surrounding the use of drugs and the statistics of cocaine related death, alcohol and meth related incidences which lead many siren straight in the direction of the morgue and jail many still fail victim of alcohol, meth and cocaine etc. The need to raise self esteem and confidence has led many to the emotional state of despair, regret, shame, pain as their hopes and dreams crash with every intake of meth, cocaine, heroine and ecstasy.  The believe that drug raise ones self esteem is delusional, it is simply a lie, an illusion. Drugs may provide you a temporal escape from some undesirable situations you are experiencing but it leaves lasting negative effect in you as shame, regret fill the space of temporal confidence it gives. Before you take that cocaine, that meth, think and be sure if it is worth the price of your life, your dreams and goals . Meth, cocaine, heroine and ecstasy are evil vegetables. You do not want to be another statistics, do you? 

Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the Almighty God who is the source of wisdom and knowledge. 

Written by: Uwagboe Anthonia Peace 


In the course of our lives we come across some people who we are attracted to based on their approach, kind nature, intelligence, friendliness, general disposition, and because we thought in our minds they were good people  as a result of all the good qualities that appear visible and appealing to us, we decide to be their friends. Along the line, our relationships with them becomes shaky as a result of differences in personal interest, personal goals, view points, value systems, belief system, life experiences, level of exposure and emotional intelligence. Sometimes we are amazed by their level of inconsideration, lack of concern they manifest and their willingness to sacrifice the relationship over some argument and misunderstanding and then we conclude in our minds that they gave us a false impression of who they really are the first time we met them.  Realizing how easily they disengage emotionally from us we then begin to understand  how insignificant we have been in their lives and we begin to tell ourselves they are not good people and have been pretending all along. 

 Because as mankind our existence is tied to forming bond, to forming relationship with others, we feel a sense of regret, disappointment and we feel betrayed when these people we believe to be our friends start to show their true nature. The sense of disappointment, betrayal and regret we feel towards their willingness to walk out of the relationship is a result of how much we hold our relationship with them in high esteem. Unfortunately the connection these kind of people make with us is often not deep because it is tied to some selfish motives. These kind of people make a huge scene out of small issues, come up with emotional blackmail, the become malicious towards you just to find ways to leave because what attracted them in the first place is no longer coming. A lot of time we get carried away by their friendliness but we do not see how subtly they take advantage of us. 

As mankind our lives revolve around forming bonds. We cannot function effectively outside of relationships. We yearn for relationships because it is a core aspect of our being. We were born into families where our first relationship started, then we join many social groups where different activities are assigned to us in our various schools, churches, mosque, workplace etc and on a personal level we still form bonds with lovers and friends since as individuals relationship is an integral aspect of our existence, of our lives. Since on a personal level we invest so much emotions in our relationships, we feel emotionally injured when people who we thought were our true friends start showing their true selves. To save ourselves from aches and unnecessary drama that often happen to people it is important we find out the motives behind such people's friendliness and good behavior towards us before becoming good friends with them. It is easy to spot such individuals motives. Carefully listen to what they talk about, their motives is tied to where their interest lies. A lot of time these people form bonds with you because they want something from you, and they remain with you because they are getting something from you. Often time they approach you in a friendly manner because they want to sell things to you, they want you to be their financial buddies ( a source where they can lend money when they are broke), they want you to lend them shoes and dress etc, they want to know more about your family background and history, they want a gossip partner, they want to relive themselves of boredom, they want to know more about your personal life, they want to know about your financial statue etc. These reasons because they are too ephemeral or not deeply rooted prevent them from forming strong bond with you. A lot of time to cover their dark side they come up with emotional blackmail just to make you feel guilty and as a result you give more, open up more just to erase the feeling of guilt you feel.

 As mankind we often make certain decisions which often come back to hurt us and make us feel regret. The feeling of regret, disappointment, pain when a friend drops you because you are no longer useful to them or you are no longer meeting their needs is a result of your inability to make the right choice of friend. Friendship goes beyond keeping each others company. A lot of time people just view friendship as a means of escaping boredom which is why they just accept anyone that comes to them without getting to know their true motive. Friendship goes beyond keeping each other company, it serves a deeper purpose. The quality of our friends determine the quality of our lives and it has such a huge impact in shaping our destinies. Finding yourself is at the heart of self discovery when you discover who you are. Who you are, your purpose in life, it has a huge impact in the choice of friends you keep. Never underestimate the power of friendship. People with purpose are drawn to you based on what they seek to impact and not what they want to get from you. 

Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the Almighty God who is the source of   Inspiration and knowledge.

Written by: Uwagboe Anthonia Peace