Tuesday, 16 August 2016

                   DON'T QUIT
Giving up our dreams appear to be the easier choice, the less stressful choice than holding on to them. The thought of giving up can be painful due to the feeling of guilt that accompanies such thought. Since we are creatures equipped with the ability and freedom to make choices we tend to device some strategic means to make our actions less painful. We come up with good enough reasons to help us cope with our decisions. We form bonds with others who feed is with information that support our actions. As a result of the feeling of guilt that accompanies the thought giving up their dreams, many consciously seek companies that support their decision to give up. They listen to woe tales, failure stories , exaggerated set back experiences shared by some circle of quitters which ultimately raise self doubt, and encourage them to give up their dreams thus making the giving up process less painful. 

Because our deepest dreams are often ties to our conscience many strive to overcome the feeling of guilt (that accompanies giving up their dreams) by blaming outside circumstances,their partners, their boss, unfavorable socioeconomic condition, their coworkers etc,thus excluding themselves completely from taking part in their share of the blame. Since quitting is less stressful but more painful due to the guilt that accompanies giving up a long cherished dream that give life to one existence many develop strategic means to manage the situation. Many form bond with some group of mediocre who lack dreams, purpose and drive , they pay attention to failure stories by seeing people who have given up on their dreams, they blame the challenges surrounding their dreams and completely exclude themselves from the blame in order to protect their ego, and they justify their reason for giving up on circumstances beyond their control. 

The truth is our action on this regard often serve as defense mechanism which help us protect our ego and make us not to see ourselves from the angle of failure or loser. Because the thought of seeing ourselves as failures or loses is painful and rob negatively on our self esteem. Before you give up, think about why you started, thinking should never be an option. Quitting may win you a lot of mediocre and so much comfort but it will never make you taste the sweetness of an accomplished dream or give up the opportunity to share the success stories of others who aspire to bring their dreams into reality. Avoid giving credit to doubt by exercising personal power which help you maintain a long commitment to your dream through difficult periods and times of setback. The truth is we all have capacity to stretch our mind and improve beyond our present reality. Integrating this fact into our psyche help us adjust our emotions and help us maintain internal balance when faced with change and stress it accompanies. The truth is that no amount of "excuses" can fill that void in you than your dreams and purpose in life. 

Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the Almighty God who is the source of   knowledge and wisdom.
Written by: Uwagboe Anthonia Peace 

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