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Many writers have talked about how man is the creator of his destiny. They have talked about how man possess such great power within. They have talked about how man being the controller of his destiny can effect a change in his life. But they hardly tell us how man can make use of this power within him.  Many people from all walks of life,  work all day and night but have little to show for it.  They are hard workers, they work day and night to meet up with living standard yet no matter hard they work wealth seems to elude them and go into the hands of a few. Many seeing others prosper become angry,  jealous, covetous, resentful, envious, because what they strive to get a few others are getting it without working as hard as they do, without sweating their eye brows yet riches, wealth seems to locate their door steps. They seek for answers why majority fail to prosper and a few others easily attract wealth to themselves hence they conclude that they are just lucky,  they must have been unjust in their business dealings or God just chose to bless them because they must have been good people in their previous lives. 

 Man is the creator of his destiny because man has the power to alter his subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a perfect memory.  It just follows order whether good or bad. The subconscious mind is like a fertile ground that convert every thought-seed into reality. As human when we leave our subconscious mind open to everyone disempowering thought,  weeds take root in our subconscious mind and it manifest in our lives as poverty, strive, pain, failure, dissappointment, lack and more. The subconcious mind works using the law of attraction. Every emotionalized thought takes it root in the subconcious mind and it is converted into physical reality. Your belief has its root in your subconcious mind. Many people further strengthen their belief system when they filter new thought to match with the pre-existing belief system. New belief is gathered from New experience which people filter to fit with their pre-existing belief system. Hence a man can only change his belief system by consciously directing the thought he impress on his subconcious mind since beliefs are made from thoughts. As he consciously gathers new thought a new belief is formed in his subconcious mind which is   further strengthened as he provides new evidence which match or supports the new pre-existing belief system. As he consciously direct his thoughts to strengthen this new belief the old belief system gradually weaken and is finally lost.  This is how a man can change limiting belief system which has taken root in his subconcious mind into empowering belief system which make him attract the things he really wants to attract in life.  As man our thought, belief,  behaviour take their root in our subconcious mind.  

The subconcious mind is powerful and man has the power to influence his subconcious mind. Since the subconcious mind work based on the law of attraction,  what you constantly think about,  you attract. The Bible says as a man thinketh so he is. You become what you think. Man himself is thought. As thought (man) you attract similar thought (man). You are made from thought. Your belief is made from thought. Law of attraction says like attract like. Hence what you attract into your life is what you are.  You attract people, opportunities,  ideas,  events, thought, belief, into your life based on who you are,  based on the quality of you. Have you ever wondered why someone you discuss with some friends suddenly shows up? This is the power of attraction. Speaking ill of money,  saying hateful things about those who have money,  being happy when a wealthy person suddenly fall into debt,  silently wishing that the rich becomes poor,  make such person who indulge such thoughts poor. Thus is because this kind of thoughts further repel such person from what they really want. They want money but they speak ill of money and speak ill of those who have money or those who are wealthy forgetting that money or wealth also obeys the law of attraction thus the very thing they want they never attract. The belief that their is virtue in poverty create more poverty in the life of the man that indulge such thoughts because as he thinks he becomes and what he becomes he attract. In life you don't attract what you want ,you attract what you are.

Man is beyond the physical being. You are not just made of tissue, bone and flesh. There is more to you. Man is made of thought. This is why similar thoughts attracts. Most time it is not money that draw people to people, it is personality that draws people to people. A millionaire may feel a sense of repulsion with his old school friend who is still struggling in poverty not because of the million he possess but because of the gap in thought which further repels him from associating with  that friend. Another millionaire may feel a sense of attraction with his old school friend who is poor because their thought attract. Their personality attract. This is because this person does not condemn riches. This person has built himself but is yet to get the riches in the physical. Jealousy,  envy, covetousness, and other destructive emotions that cause the eruption of negative field of energy is not part of him because he has discovered his purpose in life. Hence the discovery of purpose makes him mind his business, such that he doesn't seek for the fall of others but for the good of others.You are what you think. What you think is what you become. The power to direct your life lies within you. When you learn to alter your subconcious mind,  and consciously direct your thought you will change your out look about life and you will change your life because that which you think, you attract into your life.I dedicate this article to the Almighty God. Writer:Uwagboe Anthonia Peace

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