Tuesday, 1 September 2015


                                                 DIGITAL ROBOT


Today man treat himself like a digital robot but sickness, pain, headache, stress reminds him that he is not made up of some metallic devices. The advancement of technology has brought changes in the condition of our environment, our health, our atmosphere, nature, and our planet. Man in his increasingly advancing urban environment is exposed to various kind of pollutants but he keep separating himself from the green (natural world) as he sees this as a prove of his intellectual growth. Asphalt, bitumen, coal tar in many homes and offices leave no space for green. Trees which provide environmental health benefit as it help trap green gas 
(CO2) in the atmosphere is disappearing and street lamps are taking their  place in many roads. The consequence of man's yearn for more power, control of his fellow man, wealth has led to the birth of many degenerative diseases which has kept our scientist too busy in many lab.  Ego, hate, greed has taken the place of common sense among CEO's of many billion dollar companies. Uncle Thomas who is the CEO of one of the billion dollar restaurants continue to feed people into becoming obese. Uncle Phillips who is the CEO of a major oil company continue to pollute the atmosphere with toxic green house gasses, marine ecosystem and land with toxic industrial runoff. Uncle Jone who is the CEO of one of the billion dollar pharmaceutical companies continue to manufacture drugs that lack active ingredients. Hence often fail to effect a cure. Isn't it obvious that all these ills are committed in order to keep many institutions in place ? Isn't it obvious that these industries are designed to fail in order to keep other institutions in place ? If uncle Phillip decided not to pollute the environment then the cancer institute will collapse. How, you may want to ask? If uncle Phillip decided to embrace environmental friendly technology, marine animals will be free from carcinogen and man will be free from getting cancer when he feeds on fishes. But this approach will cost our uncle Phillips too much as he works very hard to maintain a high profit margin, hence he prefers to pay fine to environmental protection agencies as he keep polluting the environment and as such keep expanding the cancer institutes and many pharmaceutical companies. Our uncle Thomas too continue to feed many with junks and also sending them to the ASSOCIATION OF OBESITY. If an idea is profitable to some billion dollar companies it doesn't matter hoe many people have to go down for them to climb and remain at the top of the socio-economy  ladder. It all boils down to money in the end of the day. Human lives have become nothing but a piece of commercial enterprise as greed, control and ego continue to fuel unhealthy competition among many billion dollar companies.

Scientist keep making research, telling us they got our back. Many today keep complaining of many diseases and wonder if genetic engineers can save them. The question is why do genetic engineers only cover problems but fail to stop the cause? Isn't  it because they also help to keep many billion dollars companies in place for them to stay in place too? Global warming which has become a global concern seems not to be above the control of our GENETIC MESSIAH as new methods of cooling the atmosphere from green gas emission has been introduced. Sulphur sun screen, carbon capture and storage, iron seeding, biochar are among the new technology that are introduced by some geoengineers to solve global warming. But the widely accepted idea happen to be biochar since every other methods have some relative disadvantages. For example iron seeding methods could lead to the acidification of the marine ecosystem as it requires the dumping of large amount of iron into the ocean to stimulate growth of phytoplankton which in turn help absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. Biochar which happen to be the widely accepted method of geoengineering the earth from the effect of global warming has raised lots of concern among many as they believe this method of cooling the earth could result into a full blown catastrophe in future still this method of cooling the earth continues and the billionaire oil corporations continue to support and invest heavily in this method in order to continue with their profit making but detrimental technologies. What is the effect of global cooling if global warming continue to be on the rise? Isn't it obvious that these billionaire oil corporations are in full support of this method of geoengineering the earth in order to shirk responsibility?  The truth is as mankind we have intellectually evolved and we are capable of a more environmental friendly technology but bad technologies.are kept in place in order to support the existence of many institutions and corporations. Take for instance if many oil companies embrace environmental friendly technologies then geoengineers will be out of business as a result of massive reduction of carbon dioxide emission in the atmosphere. If marine ecosystem suddenly becomes free from toxic industrial run off then many cancer institutes will fail to function. How , you may want to ask? - less and less people will be diagnosed with cancer as aquatic animals would be free from carcinogens.

Technology that pose great threat to human, forest health, animals, atmospheric health, planetary health continue to be funded and supported with no regard to human lives as long as some CAPITALIST GIANTS sees opportunity to increase their profit margin. The question is where are our scientist leading us? Many natural animals keep going on extinction as a result of many companies who make profit from animals skin, fur , tusks  and claws and they hope genetic engineers will help replace them through the process of genetic engineering ( cloning). Rhino's horn, elephants tusks, tigers skin, wolves skin now serve commercial purposes. The world is increasingly becoming more artificial as natural things go extinct. Today foods are grown in labs and injected with desirable traits as natural ones happen to be less beneficial as a result if exposure to toxic fertilizers and pests. The future holds a lot if hope for many drug addicts, alcohol addicts and nicotine addicts as scientist are working very hard to manufacture complex organs like heart, kidney and liver using stem cells from bone marrow. This technology is not bad in itself but it will surely encourage addiction among many youths in the future.

Today human beings are becoming more robotic and less human as a growing number of robotic companies are building tiny robotic devices ( bio-chips) that help detect and kill many form of cancer when implanted into a cancer patient. Also the robotic industry are working very hard to create tiny devices that can be implanted in the brain or body of human to help them operate computer systems, TV's and door ways without making physical contact with it. This technology is already happening. Human being are increasingly becoming CYBORGS ( cybernetic organisms). Some individuals have on them elements that belong in the lower end of the periodic table. Silicone breast, silicone buttocks, titanium hips, jaws, kneels, elbows are replacing the real ones. The often asked question  that have not generated response is " where are our scientist leading us?". The truth is as mankind the power to make choices lies within us. We can choose to make powerful and informed choices. We can choose to visit nature in order to connect with our true source and get away long enough from the highly polluted and chemical filled urban jungle. We can decide to make healthy food choices and avoid the trap of obesity. Purchasing power is the only power available to every consumers. You can choose to avoid the purchasing of animal coat, snake leather bag. Doing this will definitely reduce the killings of many animal species  by many who have become a threat to animals. You can choose to use your money wisely.

  Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the Almighty God who is the source of inspiration. 
Written by Uwagboe Anthonia Peace.

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