Monday, 7 September 2015


As a result of trying to escape from negative emotions like depression, fear,shame etc, many have made destructive choices which put them in a much worst state than they bargained for. It is often said that the freedom to choose is the power available to all mankind but this power can be destructively used when the individual lack information( knowledge) and emotional maturity ( judgement skill). Logic fail, common sense becomes unattainable, far from reach and unable to fulfill its purpose when a man is under the spell of the emotion called "love". Man's ability to utilise the knowledge available to him comes from his ability to manage his emotion productively. Our choices are often guided by our emotions and intellect. Our ability to make the right choice is improved when we arrive that height of emotional maturity. Most time people indulge in bad habit not because they lack information but because they lack power and power comes from the ability to use the information available  to them. The extent to which people use information available to them is in relation to how matured they have become emotionally. Hence man grow in wisdom when knowledge is rightfully applied through improved judgement skill.

Many individuals out of their inability to understand what negative emotions have come to teach them have made poor choices by suppressing such emotions using certain vegetable products just to get away from the persistent torment and torture from such emotions. One man lost his job and the next thing he thinks is to depend on alcohol just to escape depression. What such man fail to realise is that he is setting himself up for addiction. Many young people in an attempt to escape depression crack up their future, hopes and dreams as they enjoy the crackling sound that comes from melting of white rock(cocaine) on fire. That crackling sound at the other end of the bargain often prove to be unexciting anyway as it is full of regret, pain and sorrow.

Vegetable as innocent as it is has sent many to rehabilitation centres, has broken many homes, has made many homeless, has made many lost their mind, has made many street wanderers, has sent many to jail, has made many strangers to loved ones,  and has led to the early extinction of many. Man keep blaming vegetables for the ills that befall him. When he slap his wife, vegetable takes the blame. When he drive recklessly as a result of loosing motor coordination, vegetable takes the blame. Vegetable is not evil in itself but man made it evil by converting it into cocaine, alcohol, heroine,ecstasy,methamphetamine, etc which he excessively indulge and become its willing slave. One man in his esteem ignorance and foolishness and who have poor knowledge  of the effect of nicotine, cocaine and mariguana on his health claim to know more than the physician by boastfully declaring on the top of his voice and getting the attention of many who cares to listen " I PUFF VEGETABLE, YOU EAT VEGETABLE" we both take vegetable only in different ways.  What such man fail to understand is that while one vegetable cleanse the bowel and purify the internal environment , the other vegetable poisons his system, weaken the integrity of his lung and expose him to many diseases such as lung cancer, heart diseases and possibly death. As he increasingly indulge it he becomes a weak fellow to its enticement and obedient servant to its call.

Many individuals in an attempt to escape undesirable emotions depend on white rock ( cocaine) mixing it with caustic soda, marijuana and ecstasy. This chemical mixture of course bring them into a state of euphoria but slowly bring them down the plane of despair, regret, pain and suffering as it truncate their future, damage their hope and collapse their dreams. Such are those who end up putting their family on an emotional roller coaster as they await their recovery through the help of some rehabilitation experts. Many who are not lucky enough end up losing their lives to this deadly substances and they end up becoming one of the experimental species placed on some dissecting table before some anatomical pathologist. And many who accidentally kill people under the influence of some dangerous neuro-depressant drugs gets a long jail term. Many have lost touch with reality as a result of losing their five senses to drugs. Such are those who have become victims of psychosis. They hear sounds others can't hear, they see unreal images,smell things that aren't present, and feel bug bite underneath their  their skin. Their health, their social life , their career , cognitive abilities go down with every glass of tequila mixed with cannabis, cocaine or ecstasy. Many have become candidates of the morgue, many have been sent to rehabilitation centres and many end up in jail because of drugs and drug related crimes.

Despite the mountain of evidence about the negative impact of drug use, many people are still falling into the trap of drug addiction. Being aware of the consequences of drug can't solve this problem. Majority who fall into this trap are intellectually sound. Some doctors still smoke and drink alcohol excessively despite their knowledge about the negative impact of drug and alcohol on the health of an individual. What does this tell us? It means intellectual knowledge is not enough to stop people from starting the habit. For example Tom decided to smoke cannabis before his friends because he is afraid of being called a boy instead of a man. Jack who does not take alcohol but soda decided to prove a point by gulping 10 glasses of alcohol at a go in order to be applauded. The truth is the choice we make is influenced by how much we have grown emotionally. Majority of individuals spend most of their years accumulating knowledge but fail to utilise those knowledge as a result of being so emotionally weak. Methamphetamine or dry ice, chalk, crystal, meth , call it what you may can kill you. Cocaine a.k.a white rock can make you a candidate of the morgue , alcohol can send you to jail. The power to make choices still lies within every man. Before you take that drug weigh the consequences and see if is really worth the price of your eventual extinction.

Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the Almighty God who is the source of inspiration and wisdom.
Written by : Uwagboe Anthonia Peace. 
Stay blessed

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