Monday, 21 September 2015

                     WE ALL HAVE TALENTS

The reason for our existence is not just to occupy space and die at the end of our journey here on earth without creating positive change in the lives of humanity by changing ourselves first which can be achieved by the discovery of that latent ability called talent. It is a popular belief that talents are hidden and man has to search it out in order to make the best use of it. This popular belief have made some individuals form a personal belief that they are born without a talent after many failed attempt to discover what their talent really is. The truth is that talents are not hidden as they seek expression through the actions we take each day of our lives. Talents are never hidden as they give us clues through the actions we enjoy doing. They are often in their embryonic state when not fully maximized or utilized by its possessor.

Most time some individuals are confused about weather they have talents and often overlook those things they enjoy doing and are willing to do even if they don't get an applause doing them. As a result of overlooking their latent ability they make no conscious effort to develop them. As a result of neglecting their inner power and concentrating on their weaknesses they struggle through life as they lost touch with passion, joy, fulfillment, satisfaction which are the emotional elements an individual benefits when they are in their place of assignment (purpose) in life. Having talent is one thing, but an individual can only attain the level of genius when he consciously build that talent. People who consciously develop their talent (strength) are those who with time attain high level of professionalism in their field of interest and give maximum value as well. 

The truth is we all have talents and talents often seek outlets  or a form of expression. Perhaps you love singing, perhaps you love reading, perhaps you love playing the piano, guitar,violin, perhaps you love photography, perhaps you love sewing, perhaps you love engaging in sporting activities,perhaps you love painting, drawing, perhaps you love sitting before the computer, but these talents can only fulfill a need when they are fully applied. For example as long as reading a book help expand the mind of an individual the knowledge accumulated can remain in its latent form if it is not well applied. Hence our talent can only bring value to humanity when we apply them in useful work. The individual who is a voracious reader and a hunter of knowledge may not consider this as a talent if he fails to locate a niche where he can fully express this talent. Such individual can fully express his talent and make it something of useful value when he decides to bless humanity through  speaking, teaching or writing. Do you wonder why they say no knowledge is a waste? This is because knowledge you acquire often seek expression in what you do. Accumulating knowledge without expressing it only make the individual a walking encyclopedia. For instance writing for me is my strength and my knowledge of biochemistry is not a waste as it finds expression in my writing which makes my writing style unique. Perhaps you studied law in school but you have passion for acting. Your knowledge in law can always find expression in your acting skills. Perhaps you studied art in school but you have passion for baking and designing cakes. Your knowledge in art can seek full expression through your cake. Today artistic concept is now employed in the designing of cakes unlike before where cakes only take the shape of containers with little designs on it. Perhaps you love meeting new people and you easily engage them in a meaningful conversion, this talents can seek full expression in sales and marketing when it is deliberately or consciously developed. Perhaps you studied philosophy but you find satisfaction and joy in doing music. Your knowledge in philosophy can always seek outlet or expression in your lyrics. Recognizing your talents, developing it and mixing it with knowledge gained from a particular field or other field you find interest in makes your talent a unique one and that is what makes you a genius in your field of interest.

Perhaps you are still not certain if you really have a talent, below are the possible ways to discover your God's given talents:

1. What do find joy doing everyday?
2. What do you love doing and could do for free without being paid.
3. What gives you a sense of responsibility or unrest each time you don't engage it for a while?
4. What do you keep doing even when people around you don't notice you do or seem to give you applause or praise for doing it
5. What do you get so emotionally connected to when you engage it?
6. What brings you so much delight, satisfaction, a sense of completeness, fulfillment and come with little stress or no stress at all even when you struggle to be skillful in it?
7. What brings you happiness, a sense of worth each time you engage it?

Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the Almighty God who is the source of inspiration and wisdom.

Written by: Uwagboe Anthonia Peace
Remain blessed.

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