Monday, 11 January 2016


The talent that expresses genius is a developed skill. Most time people tend to separate talent from skill by attributing the success of many great people people to their talents alone. The misconception has led many to believe they are   "talentless" people because they don't operate on the same level of genius as others who have gained recognition and attention in their various field of endeavor. Those who exhibit excellence in their field of interest are those who have developed their innate ability into skills.

Converting talent into skills does not come cheap. Talent alone is cheap. It requires no effort and one does not need to pay so much attention to details when expressing ones innate ability. For example having a natural affinity for cooking may not require so much detail on the part of the individual but working in a five start restaurant as a talented chef requires so much skills on your part. Having a innate ability for photography may not require one to pay so much attention to detail but becoming a professional photographer requires so much skills. For you to make meaningful impact your natural ability (talent) must be converted into skill and this requires work on your part. Most time it is not because we lack the ability to improve our talents but because we have failed to commit to learning which is required for our talents to be converted into skill. Although we say talent is something that comes easy to us. That is very true. But developing that talent  into skill in order for it to be of great commercial value requires hard work and can be very challenging as it opens to us even more challenges that requires greater work as we advance in our field of interest. But our passion keeps us strong and make us confront any possible challenges that may arise in our journey towards improving our innate ability in order for us to impact greatly in the lives of others and connect with souls.

You might have a natural ability for singing but for you to arrive at the level of a genius you need to convert your talent into skill. There is a portion that is suitable for every social specie to really thrive and make their individual voices to be heard. That portion is their niche. That portion can only be occupied or attained when the individual recognize what they carry within them. Our triumph begins with listening to that voice that calls our attention to our true self. Skill is that vehicle that bring talent into stardom. The world is full of people with talents but what the world really need is people with skills. Talent alone can't effect a desirable change in the lives of people but when converted into skill the reward is enormous.

Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to God Almighty who is the source of wisdom and knowledge.
Written by : Uwagboe Anthonia Peace.

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