Thursday, 14 January 2016

Greatness is the heritage of all living Homo-sapiens. But too many individuals fall short of expressing their individual talents to its fullness because they have been made to believe only few people are blessed with talents. The misconception that talent is meant for a chosen few has led many to lead a life far below their potentials. Our talents gives us a chance to express our individuality. It gives us a voice. When we fail to recognize and build our talents the world fail to hear our voice and we become silenced in mediocrity. Human society is held together and supported by talented individuals. If you are not making use of your talent then you might not be among those who are shaping the existence of mankind. Our individual talents sets us apart for a special call, a special need that we are required to meet, that we are required to fulfill. Our talent make us locate our special place in the world. We all have talents. We all are equipped with the innate ability from birth but too many individuals as they grow older into adulthood wonder in the cloud of confusion because their lives lack meaning, because they are yet to discover what they really want to do in life. You don't realize how much gift you have until you start using it. We are all great people because each of us carry the seed of greatness. We all have the gift to touch souls.

We all possess the ability to change lives and drive the human society in a positive and progressive direction. Life delivers to us great responsibility which requires application of work. When some talented people exhibit excellence and are highly successful in their respective field if calling majority of individuals tend to attribute such talented individual successes to their talent and leave out the work part of it that made their talents receive so much attention and recognition. When some people see a talented dancer, talented musicians, talented doctors, talented lawyers, talented footballers, they tend to attribute their successes to talent alone and fail to acknowledge the determination, hard work, commitment, dedication that goes with such talents. Our talents gives us the opportunity to participate in shaping the lives of many and extend influences through out the world. Human society continue to evolve and prosper as a result of the individuals who are willing to participate in growing it by making productive use of their talents.

Talents alone can't change anything. It has to be supported with work and great values for it to add meaning to the lives of people. We overrate talents a lot and overlook the work that is required for it to grow. You have the right to participate in shaping the lives of mankind, in shaping the environment, in shaping the existence of other lower specie but your journey starts by seeing yourself as an important and worthy individual that is needed in bringing change in the lives of others. Most time when some individuals discover their talents, they feel so unworthy to have them as they judge themselves by their family background , poor educational background and some undesirable condition. Having realized you are an important and needed individual in the world you need to discover your talents. We have been made to believe talents are hidden and require effort on our part to search it out and this is the reason majority of individuals overlook that very thing they do without much stress and begin to work on that very thing they lack the natural ability to do. In any talent related topic I like to bring in this very important sentence" talent in their most undeveloped state often seek expression" in order to make the reader realize that talents are not hidden as they show themselves in what we love to do most. When people lack the idea of how what they love to do can be of value to other people they label themselves as people without talents. Gossips for instance was not considered as something of any value in the past. Today gossip has become commercialized and people who are interested in the lives of others, their stories, successes, failures, shortcomings their status and wealth have found a path for themselves in this line and the also contribute in shaping societies as they bring stories or events to mankind through their blogs. Nobody could have considered gossip as a talent in the first place but when the word commercial is placed behind it the concept change and we see it as mere entertainment. People who find pleasure in talking a lot may not see such ability as  a talent.  But indeed it is a talent that require such individual to locate a channel where such talents can be fully expressed and be of great value to other souls. Watching a lot of sports and engaging in sport related  discussion may not be considered as talent to many but it is actually a talent that require such individual  who is passionate about sport to look for channel of expression where such love ( talent) can add value to others and to himself. The passion for nature, sight seeing, mountains, oceans, beauty  has led many to embrace photography which enable them express their love well and also make them add values to souls. Ability to learn different languages is also a talent and such individuals can make use of such talents by being a translator or interpreter and as such  help minimize the language barrier which is a way of adding value to the human society.

Each of us are equipped with natural ability. No one is born empty. Each of us has affinity towards something and that is our true self. When you fail to align yourself with your calling in life you become separated from your true self and unhappiness, and the feeling of void becomes a life long companion. Talent is what you enjoy doing, what you love and what really connect you with work. Talent on the other hand is cheap. Developing or converting talent into skill requires lots of patience, commitment and hard work. Accept the true you, accept the place of your calling that is where you will find peace of mind and meaning.

Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the Almighty God who is the source of wisdom and knowledge. Written by: Uwagboe Anthonia Peace

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