Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Everything we do describe in detail who we are. We as mankind carry with us impression which people use in judging us as good, bad, honest, dishonest, diligent, hardworking, lazy, trustworthy etc. The honest man reflect that piece of virtue in what he does. The diligent man reflect that piece of virtue in carrying out his duty. The man of integrity reflect that piece of virtue in everything he does. The cleaner realising no one is watching her carelessly does her job forgetting she is leaving a piece of her on that floor which she refused to clean well. The way the cleaner decides to clean the floor reflects the content of her character. The janitor realising no one is there in his place of assignment carelessly carries out his duty forgetting he is leaving a piece of him behind. Many employees today in many organizations wish for a superior position, a better opportunity, a better salary but still remain in the same position for years because they lack character. Many have lost out on great opportunities because they lack character and many have been exalted from the position of a mere security guard to the position of a manager because they have demonstrated a high level of integrity in what they do. Nothing good can be attained by mere wishing for it, it has to be earned through deliberate practice including the building of a good character.

Many as a result of lack of willingness to sacrifice immediate gratification for the greater good of others have lost out on many business relationships because they are seen as untrustworthy as a result of what they do. As mankind what we do reflect our character content. That work you are doing as a janitor, a cleaner, a trades man, a contract worker,  a cook, as an employee working in an organization, how well do you do your job? The truth is whatsoever you do, somebody is watching. As a trades person is your word in alignment with what people see? Many trade person lie to make sale. Many trades person in an attempt to make quick sale exaggerate the good qualities of their products and make promises which their products fail to deliver. The dishonest man is  quickly discovered through his work and word. His words are never in alignment with what he does. Many people have lost great opportunities because of the poor quality service they offered their previous clients/customers. Many contracts workers have sacrificed future business relationships as a result of  inability to delay immediate gratification. Character and humility are inseparable. The man who does bot want to remain in an inferior position for too long can't do without humility. The man of integrity humbly admits to his mistakes and fixes his errors while the man who lacks humility covers his mistakes as a result of pride. Pride comes before a fall says the book of proverbs. Many contract workers as a result of not wanting to be seen as unprofessional in their field fail to admit their inability to recognize quality cements or bricks before purchasing them and on realising such mistakes they decided not to tell the truth to the owner. But what such building contractor fail to know is that he is leaving a piece of him in that job which will determine his success. People appreciate honesty and when you show honesty in little things people commit bigger things in your hands because they believe you got their back.
The seamstress who out of the need to make excess profit overcharges her customers and under performs as a result of the need to quickly get to the next job fails to realise she is leaving a piece of her in every dress she makes and this inevitably will speak for her and with time ruin her reputation. Many contract workers as a result of the need to make excess profit use inferior materials and overcharge. Thus they fail to give equivalent service for the money they charged the person who they do business with. In the end of the day they stamp their character in the job they do.

As mankind the way we choose to do our work reflect who we are. Our destiny is tied to our character. Character is a strong moral virtue. The man of character allows integrity to reflect in all he does. His words and actions are always in alignment. The man of integrity is a just man. He gives equivalent service in return for every business transaction he makes and as such he is able to build trust in others as his words, actions and works speaks for him. As mankind every work we do express the content of out character. People either see us as just or unjust, as sincere or insincere, reliable or unreliable, through the work we do. We are the molder of our destiny. If we mold our destiny with bricks of trustworthiness, dishonesty, insincerity, it comes back to us in the same measure as it injures our reputation and put a limitation on our successes in life. Make a choice to leave an admirable piece of you  in every work you do. Remember people are always watching.

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I dedicate this article to the God Almighty who is the source of wisdom and knowledge.

 Written by : Uwagboe Anthonia Peace.

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