Monday, 4 April 2016

 OBEDIENCE  ( take control of your life)

Being a member of the human society requires that we meet certain expectations. A lot of times it means giving up our dreams, casting our personal beliefs aside and embracing other peoples values in order to maintain our existence in the society. Doing this qualifies the individual as a normal member of the society. Many individuals swimming in the current of the majority don't see how much they submit to this gigantic force that rest upon their shoulders, proscribe the use of their intellect, control their limbs, and general body motor coordination. They allow popular beliefs and norms dictate the direction of their lives by giving power to these forces. Many bow to tradition, customs, religious beliefs and norms that don't support their growth and well being. Many have lost their sense of individuality to that gigantic force that controls their general organization. Civility is of little help to such individuals as they always go back to tradition. This force often operate to make the majority out of one individual, silence the idea of individuality, divide the individual into many different personality,promote lack of independence in the individual, which eventually leads to the vulnerability of the individual, lack of self, instability, and poor personal cognitive dependence ability.

Society everywhere is against individuality. The man who holds a personal belief separate himself from the belief of the majority and exercise his faculty of individual reasoning is often treated differently and such individual is easily recognized. Society want to think for you by allowing popular beliefs and opinions influence your action and judgement. Notice how a man who relies on his faculty of independence reasoning  is treated in the society. Society treat such a one with contempt, scorn and wait to mock at their failures and defeats. Listen to the popular feed-back a man who make his vision, ideas, and dreams known in the society. Listen to how much negative feed-back he gets than positive feed-back. "Be realistic" is a popular statement that seems to come out of the mouth of these communities of majority. Notice how their words is supported with facts and stories of those who attempted but failed. " things has never been done that way" is a popular chorus that a man with a new vision tend to get from those who are so used to tradition. But  men of undivided will, men that are motivated by strong vision, men of great dreams never sacrifice their passion for the need to gain acceptance and never allow mockery, contempt to quench the fire within.

Many great men in the society who chose to stand alone despite all odds and held on to their dreams have had their share of personal experiences with the society of collectivism. Listen to their stories, their pain,  their struggles and how eventually victory was won at last. Great inventors, geologist, astrologers, scientist, poets, musicians, models,.writers, photographers, sculptor, architects are those who stood against the men of their times and victory was won at last. Listen to the story of the Wright brothers who invented the aircraft, Listen to the story of Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb, Listen to the story of Rogger Bannister who broke the limited global belief about the five minute miles, listen to the story of Albert Einstein the physicist who developed  theories of relativity despite his difficulty in learning during his school years, listen to the story of Obama the first black president of America, listen to the story of Jesus the son of God , listen to the story of Joseph who rose into the position of leadership despite being a victim of slavery, listen to the story of the story of Martin Luther king jnr who fought for freedom and equality, listen to the story of all these great men.  Listen to their defeat and their eventual triumph. These great men have one thing in common, they chose to stand alone.

To be human is to express ones individuality and take a stand for what one believe in. To be human is to have a sense of self, to be human is to have the ability to think, feel, reason and act. To be human is to express ones unique personality. Having a sense of self liberate you from the unreasonable demand of the majority. Being in the majority prevent you from shining and being that human being God really wants you to be. Being in the majority limits your dream as it makes you dwell so much on your defeat and not on possible triumph. Standing alone brings out the light in you. It makes others notice your existence because it make you tap fully your potential. Learn to stand alone and let your voice be heard.

Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to God Almighty who is the source of inspiration and knowledge.

Written by:  Uwagboe Anthonia Peace.

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