Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Imagination is the ability to create a mental scene, events outside of the perception of the concrete reality. As abstract as imagination can be it is the very force that shape the world around us. Imagination is the source of creativity and the source of change. Every new products that man ever created is brought into existence through the creative use of this tool. Everything that ever take a concrete form in our physical reality first took a abstract shape in the mind of some men. The cars, houses, phones, computers, Fridge, Aeroplane, helicopter, and every other inventions created by man first exist in the abstract form in the mind of some men with very strong desires who through the development of their imagination faculty experienced surge of creativity in bringing their desires into physical plane for the benefit of mankind.

When it comes to making use of their imagination majority of people see imagination as complete waste of time as empty day dreaming or fantasy that has no place in reality. This belief that many hold about the imagination faculty is what make many abandon the conscious use of this mental tool and as a result many of such individuals struggle with difficulties, experience failure due to lack of creativity in their respective field of endeavor. Imagination allows us see a new world inside of us. It helps build up our creativity. Imagination make use of the six senses of sight, touch, smell,hearing, taste and feeling.  When we push our desire into our imagination faculty and add this senses into it, it makes our desire strong enough and our dreams attainable because it grows our faith and belief as we gradually through perseverance and commitment develop our creativity. Adding these senses of hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste and feeling into our imagination help expand out creativity.  A lot of tine we make use of our imagination when we engage thought and we often favor the use of one or two senses.  Adding all the senses in our imagination makes what we imagine real enough and open up the channel of creativity as we develop further the use of all the senses.

Imagination is not a form of idle day dreaming, it is a vital tool that is necessary in creating new things or remodeling old things and bringing dreams into concrete reality. Everything outside of nature is a product of imagination. Many fail to make constructive use of this tool because they remind themselves too much of their present reality. They tell themselves to get real and thereby shut the productive use of their imagination. Being too mindful of what we go through in reality bring our consciousness to defeat, failures and inadequacies but pushing our dreams into the imagination faculty gives us the opportunity to see a whole new picture of what is possible and provide us with strength to see above our present undesirable limitations. Because it brings our focus to the eventual victory or success that is yet to come as we commit our life to what we believe in. The story of the Wright brothers is an amazing one. Despite the limitation gravity presented,  they chose to engage their imagination. Such limitation could have been a good reason for other to give up their dreams but they believed their had to be a way and they eventually got their victory. Developing ones imagination help provide solution by booming ones creativity. When you struggle with writing a book, designing a dress, constructing a poem, writing judicial lyrics or whatever you do at present do not give up on it. Ensure you activate the use of your imagination by adding all the five senses to it. Doing this you keep your dreams you keep your dreams alive and your desires strong enough to overcome obstacles or defeat that comes in the way of creativity.

The truth is that we all possess the capacity to grow transcend and become better at whatever we desire to achieve in life. When we focus so much on our present undesirable limitations we prevent ourselves from totally engaging our imagination faculty in the right direction. In writing a book,  creating a art piece , constructing musical lyrics, constructing a poem,sewing a dress,  imagination takes us through the whole processes. When we desire to achieve a thing for example constructing a poem or sewing a dress we usually see the mental construction of the end result we want to achieve even when we encounter difficulty along the way in bringing those abstract thought into physical plane. Regrettably many people at this point give up when they encounter difficulty in their first few trials. Not giving up on our desire to achieve enable us stretch our imagination and our creativity develops from there.

Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the Almighty God who is the source of inspiration and knowledge.
Written by:  Uwagboe Anthonia Peace.

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