Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Work beyond being a necessary factor for survival of the human specie is also a channel through which man extend influence, form bond, build relationships and communicate with his fellow man in the society. Work serve as a vehicle through which man extend his influence into the wider society. Each of us as mankind influence one another through our work. Society works hard to build the independent man by exerting him to about upon whom society themselves depend for their individual needs. Human society continues to thrive through the ceaseless contribution of individuals who devoted themselves to work and meet the need of their fellow man. Society first builds the man and man builds the society. Some people may not consider work as an art but as a means to achieve an end, a means to put food on their table,  clothes on their back, roof over their head and more. But when we ponder deeply on these whole life necessities we will see how much art is employed in getting our needs met through the means of work.

The art of communication is one factor through which relationships are created. Building a good character,building trust, building a business relationship requires work on your part. To succeed in business demand that man focus on building a good reputation by integrating morality into his personality structure in order to build customer loyalty and customer chain in his business. People don't just buy products they buy reliability, trust , faithfulness, integrity, honesty in exchange of the money they pay you. People want to be treated nicely. They want to be treated kindly, they want you to win their heart and nit their money only. When majority of people think of work, they just see it as a means to meet necessities and not as a means to grow their personality and reputation. Society strive to build a man by making him seek ways to build customers trust,  reliability, loyalty in business. Man communicate influence through his work. People see him either as faithful or unfaithful, dependable or undependable,  trustworthy or untrustworthy,  through the quality of his products and services. As mankind our actions communicate a whole lot than the words we say. A wise business man understands that communication is not expressed only by the words of his mouths but by the action he takes and the result he produces. Trust, good reputation, reliability, are all a result of morality. The man that does not give equivalent services in exchange for the money he received is an unjust man and soon enough such practice will leave an impression on his personality and end up ruining his reputation.  Trust is one word that build business relationships and form bonds. A man that practices injustice in his business cannot form bonds.

 Man and woman in all walks of life underrate morality in business. But beneath every successful business structure there are elements of morality that stands as its foundation ensuring its stability and preventing its collapse. Morality is that stealthy force that drives the human society forward by making people work in the spirit of harmony. Businesses collapse for the want or lack of morality. It is morality that drives trust, reliability and loyalty In any business relationships that has formed strong bonds through the years.
When a man limit work as a means of making money or a means of sieving he fails to see how his influence help in the shaping of his prosperity. Work is an art and a great art at that. The art of forming bond, building trust, building customer loyalty takes work that relies mostly on how successful a man has integrated good moral code into the structure if his personality.  A good reputation is one feature of personality that embodies great moral virtues practiced by a person through the years. A good and successful society ,a good and successful  business corporation , lies on how the majority of its members practice successfully the art of work.

Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the Almighty and All sufficient God who is the source of knowledge and inspiration.
Written by:  Uwagboe Anthonia Peace

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