Tuesday, 24 May 2016


The world is full of inventions and great works but most time we fail to recognize the huge role imagination played in bringing those concrete thongs from their abstract plane into physical reality. The creative use of this faculty enable man to express their individual talents and shape the world in the respective niche they occupy.
We become defeated in our imagination when we lock the gate of creativity in our imagination by dwelling so much on doubt based on knowledge we have about how reality really works. The good things we enjoy in life were once subject to limitation but it took great minds to create alternative means in bringing their dreams into reality. Einstein said " knowledge takes you from A-Z,  but imagination takes you everywhere.  Knowledge is important as it brings our awareness to certain things, open our minds to certain dangers, enable us survive in the world but when we make proper use of this great faculty it enable us transcend difficulty as it challenges our creativity. Scientists were knowledgeable about the limiting power that operate in the air ( gravitational force) as it pulls everything towards the center of the earth. The idea of flying that heavy object in the air might have appeared completely in sane to the average kind considering the limiting power that operate in the air by bringing everything down but the inventors of air craft took it as a challenge as they employ their imagination and a solution was found. Aerodynamic force was able to put the craft in the air against the force of gravity.

When we dwell so long on how reality works we miss out on the creative use of our imagination faculty. When you experience defeat, perhaps it is time to get creative by employing your imagination. Imagination is a unique gift to all mankind and it is what separate us from others and it is what makes us us. Our imagination makes us unique in the world that is full of people. It is what separate us from our contemporaries and it is what enable us tap greatly into our inner resources and make us to the world around us. In our imagination we transcend obstacles and limitation. Reality on the other hand bring our focus to obstacles, defeat based in the knowledge we have or belief we hold about how things work. Majority of individuals see investing time in imagination as a waste of time yet they do not see how unconsciously they employ this tool in their day to day activities. Great men who have altered positively the course of this world understand the power of this great gift and they consciously employ this great gift.  It takes the discovery of oneself to set this tool in a productive direction. Imagination is subject to the law of cause and effect and it boom toward the negative or positive direction depending on what you continuously expose it to. Your thought content mixed with emotion change your imagination which create the feelings you. The man that pushes his dream, vision and ideas into the realm of his imagination sees beyond reality, sees what others cant see, hear what others cant hear and feels what others cant feel.

When we engage this faculty we get creative and we transcend limitation, defeats, obstacles that reality presents to us based on the belief and knowledge we hold about how things work in reality. knowledge is meant to assist us and not defeat us and shrink our hope of what is possible. Being creative entails looking for a way out amidst obstacles and that is what imagination does. Each of us hold some personal dreams that we feel is difficult to achieve but when we push our dreams into the realm if our imagination our capacities grows from there as it booms our creativity. Reality is nothing but the knowledge we hold about how things really work.  But sometimes being too rational or logical shrink creativity.  The Wright brothers contemporaries at the time might have had their dreams shattered based on the knowledge they had about gravity but the Wright brothers never gave up and eventually they discovered a higher force that is able to subvert the force of gravity and keep their dreams in the air.

Imagination makes us see through obstacles that reality completely obscure based on existing knowledge. Their  is always a way out in everything if only you employ constructively your imagination because that is where creativity abounds. Your capacity grow as you engage your imagination. Imagination stretch our dreams beyond the boundaries of reality. Engaging this faculty require the use of the five senses. Is your dream becoming an actor, a world class photographer, a pianist, an engineer etc? Now step into the realm of your imagination and add the five senses of touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste into it. As these senses develops your imagination becomes vivid enough and your creativity booms from there. Most time creativity is all our dreams need to flourish but when we dwell so long on defeat obstacles , it shrinks out creativity and doubt fear inevitably takes root in our imagination.

Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the Almighty God who is the source of creativity and knowledge.
written by: Uwagboe Anthonia Peace

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