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In this era of civilization and exposure many individuals still exhibit behavioral traits of our brutish ancestors who lacked education and moral compass but believed the only way to solve conflicts is by the use of axes and cutlasses. Their is this innate need to control, to dominate and strive for superiority which is the characteristics of those acting from the place of the ego. Liberation comes from the freedom from the self. Freedom from self enhance tolerance, promote empathy,  and help the individuals overcome anger, hate, hurt, vexation of the spirit that has the potential of arising in moments of conflicts of opinions. One of the characteristics of the ego is self protection, self defense, always seeking to be right even in situations where facts and evidences strive to correct its wrong,  deficiencies or inadequacies. Prejudice is the condition of the mind inspired by ego ( lack of freedom from the self) which affects the choice of mankind and the condition of the world we live in today. Freedom from the self awaken our consciousness to the fact that diversity is the core aspect of the world we all share and that no ethnicity, religion, race, language , culture is superior than the other. The issue of religious diversity, ethnicity diversity, language diversity, national diversity, differences is skin color have had great impact in the relationships of mankind through out history. Even in this era of civilization many still find it difficult to accept diversity due to their strive for superiority. Refusal in accepting diversity is acting from the place of ignorance which often lead to the build up of hate, resentment, prejudice, suspicion, blood shed violence, and even war. The rise of suicide bombing, terrorism can be traced to mans ignorance of diversity by those who choose to use swords and bullets instead of their minds. 

Religion has a dual effect in the relationship of mankind.  Religion which is one aspect of diversity has greatly imparted the relationships  of mankind across the world in that it has created love and hate , trust and suspicion,  it has created enemies and friends and it has brought about peace and war. But the negativity surrounding religion is  a result of the condition of some individuals mind who lack the knowledge of truth and who choose to operate in ignorance. As mankind we seek to form bonds and we don't see how gradually these bonds break on the ground of religion differences, during times of conflicts of opinions. Geography seems to restrict our thinking process such that a man shows high level of favoritism to his fellow man who share the same skin color with him despising those on merit list on the ground of differences in skin color. The freedom from self start with rational thinking. Emerson said " A man is not a thinker who is bound by prejudice, he is merely a strenuous upholder of his opinion". 

Man and woman have lost focus of the spiritual aspect of religion. These are people after religion, after doctrine and after the number converts from the opposite faith. Ignorance has led the company of many who seek religion rather than spirituality to erect a personal God in their mind and seeing others who share a different faith as serving an inferior God. It is no longer about God , it is now about numbers. Many have become mathematician in the area of addiction and subtraction. When one member of the opposite faith drop his religion and take up another faith, they are raised in their esteem and begin to see the faith abandoned by this new convert as inferior. This for them is a proof of the authenticity of their religion. When they lose a member to the opposite faith (religion) they take words out of context just to support their belief and stand strong on their faith. These are people operating from the place of the ego. The ego strive to defend, protect itself and never want to admit its short-comings.  When a man is bound by ego he fails to rise in knowledge and grow in consciousness since he fails to engage in rational thinking. Having the understanding that no religion is superior than the other (since every religion preach peace) takes us into the heights of spirituality rather than the nadir of bigotry.

 The world should understand that each of us as mankind are unique peace of the perfect whole. No culture , no language ,  no ethnicity , no skin color is superior than the other. Ignorance of this fact is the basis of all arguments, unnecessary confrontation, hate, resentment , intimidation in the lives of many. We should not allow melanin to suspend rational thinking. Doing so is subjecting ourselves to the control of the DNA. Being rational require we see people beyond their skin color, their religion,  their culture and nationality. We should not allow skin color differences, letters (language), and geography limit our capacity to think. To think is to advance in consciousness and to advance in consciousness is to truly live and to truly live is to accept the fact that all culture , all colors,  all ethnic group, all languages and all lives matters.

Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the Almighty God who is the source of wisdom and knowledge.
Written by:  Uwagboe Anthonia Peace

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