Thursday, 28 July 2016


Despite our freedom to choose as mankind,  we believe attaining our highest values require a deep sense of responsibility on our part. To fully express our deepest, our talents requires freedom from certain indulgence which put a limit on our dreams and make us express half of the potential within us. To come out successful in any callings requires we stick to some higher values and this on the other hand means giving up instant gratification, overcoming whim of the moment, building a higher level of self control and overcoming distractions. A large part of being a responsible individual is being discipline and taking rational actions. Being a discipline individual requires one to be rational.  Every personality that has come out successful in their respective calling share a common behavioral trait which is discipline. They are people who have learned to integrate discipline into their daily actions. They finish up their project, their task,  their work boy because it is convenient but because it is necessary. A lot of time we wait for the convenient time before we start or finish up a project, we wait for the time when we will be less distracted, when we will feel less stress or no stress at all, when we will feel no fatigue,   etc, .and all these often serve as excuses why we fail in our different field of calling in life.

 The truth is that their is no such thing as a convenient time. People who have chosen to take conscious actions have integrated this fact into their Psyche and this fact help them maintain a high level of commitment and discipline. They are those who have learned to take conscious actions and commit to rational thinking. They are the individuals who experience a total sense of freedom and a feeling of liberation from self deceit which countless of mankind are subjected to and which has rob many of their integrity, self esteem and fulfillment in life. Man and woman I all walks of life seek comfort, avoid difficulties and surrender when they are faced with obstacles. Life presents us with freedom to choose. Abusing this freedom by pursuing instant gratification prevents us from fully actualizing the values deepest to us.
Contrary to the majorities belief,  freedom does not mean acting out at the whim of the moment or carelessly pursuing animal indulgence or suspending rational thinking. True freedom lies in ones ability to control, to be in charge of ones life,  to act in integrity with ones deepest value and that is what it means to be truly human. Because our deepest values is connected to our conscience, we seek means to be  free from guilt that accompanies the evasion of consciousness. Sometimes we suspend rational thinking and come up with excuses which make us feel comfortable enough to indulge habits that prevent  the full development of our talents,.of our deepest values. To fully express our deepest values, our talents require the freedom from indulgences which place limits on our dreams and make us express half of the vast potential that resides within us. Acting in congruence with our deepest values involves rational thinking which brings satisfaction, fulfillment, and peace of mind and that is where true freedom lies. With freedom comes great responsibility, and not irresponsibility. And this freedom calls for great discipline and commitment to our dreams, vision and talents.

Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the Almighty God who is the source of wisdom and knowledge .

Written by:  Uwagboe Anthonia Peace

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