Thursday, 28 July 2016


Many ideas, vision and dreams fail to materialize because the owners lack commitment a necessary factor that push dreams and visions from their abstract state into concrete reality where they take form and shape in physical reality. Having dreams and vision is not enough but committing fully to our dreams help us build capacity to overcome challenges, difficulties, and discomfort. For many discomfort, difficulties and obstacles are a signal to give up their dreams. But a conscious individual understands that discomfort or pain are are a integral elements associated to change and core are aspect of growth. a lot of time our ineffectiveness, inadequacy, incompetency, can be traced to lack of full commitment on our part. 

Associated with every aspect of change is the feeling of discomfort and stress but when an individual is aware of this fact he is able to stick to his resolve long enough. Our dreams and visions make us see world of possibilities where we only see the end results and where all forms of obstacles, difficulties and stress get cancelled out in our imagination. This process of thoughts put us in an excited mood and gets us to commit to our dreams. We excitedly pick up our barbell, our surfboard, our writing pen, our paint brush,our dance shoes , our guitars,  our pianos, etc and we inwardly believe that the excitement we feel at the initial discovery of our dreams can keep us long enough to achieve the result we hope to achieve, then the initial excitement fades away as our ability to commit become even harder due to some challenges associated with our field of interest. then many drop their barbell,.their writing pen, their dance shoes, their paint brush and come up with excuses to justify their actions in order to reduce the intensity of regrets, pain that is accompanies accepting mediocrity and giving up ones dreams. Excitement gives us kick to start our dreams but commitment help us actualize our dreams. Because excitement burns off when the effort we invest is not yielding the desired result we tell ourselves we are not good enough at it, perhaps it is not our calling but we fail to realize it is when we fully commit ourselves to our dreams that we have access to limitless creativity. 

 Being excited about our dreams cant make us endure the moments of frustration, suffering, pain, discomfort, and inconveniences but being fully committed enable us understand that to get out of our comfort zone we must be willing to pay the price, we must be willing to delay gratification, we must be willing to delay the desire to feel  comfortable, we must be willing to delay the desire to sleep, we must be willing to overcome the tendency to create excuses and must owe ourselves accountable for every actions. To express fully our talents, to bring our goals into reality a never ending commitment is the key to attaining such result. Having a half-hearted commitment have a negative impact on our talents and dreams as it makes us not to fully express that gift within us.   

Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to the Almighty Go who is the source of wisdom and knowledge.
Written by : Uwagboe Anthonia Peace

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