Thursday, 28 July 2016

                                                            BE ENCOURAGED
Having people that support our dreams and vision gives us the sense of significance, importance and self worth. It is a natural human desire to what to be recognized, noticed and valued. Unfortunately many make the desire to be encouraged a driving force that determine the level of their commitment and persistence level. They pick up their paint brush, surfboard, barbell, dance shoes, guitar, piano when they receive some good dose of encouragement but when the endorphin drops, they drop their work tools. When praise goes high their commitment and persistence level is high, when praise goes down their commitment level drops. Hence they give so much power to external factors by failing to develop personal power which gives them the advantage to fully take charge of their lives. 
The degree of our commitment and persistence to our works,.our dreams and visions should not be tied to the opinions of others but to our purpose, genuine reason, passion and the love that inspire us in the first place. Tying our commitment to the encouragement we receive can be injurious to our dreams and vision because when the praise stops coming or become less steady we become unmotivated, perplex and sad because we have tied motivation to the good opinions of others.  But that's does not mean we should nit appreciate encouragement when they come, it does mean  we should not depend solely  on them. We should not pick ourselves up only when someone encourages us, doing so is subjecting ourselves to the control of others.

 Regrettably majority of individuals are trapped in this mental condition. They expect others to appreciate, give comments, approve and recommend their works to others. When they don't get any of these, they feel unmotivated, unnoticed and gradually they lose focus of the reason why they started what they do as the number of LIKES and COMMENTS they get on Instagram, Facebook and other social media network take the place of genuine purpose. Am not suggesting we go around acting like human robots, despising encouragement from others all am saying is that the need for encouragement should not take the place of the very reason we started our craft. Sometimes I feel the need to be encouraged. Who doesn't? But I quickly get over this need when I remind myself of the reason I started writing. This thought alone gets me elevated and makes me overcome the feeling of discouragement. This alone has improved my commitment level over the years. Instead of focusing so much on others to encourage and notice you why not make it a habit to encourage and notice other? The result often is tremendous when you genuinely take this this up as a habit. When you make others feel significant and needed you too will feel significant and needed in return. Tell someone how great their drawing skill is. Tell a waiter he is doing a great job. Tell a Nanny she is a super woman. Visit the homeless children and show them love. Doing all these has a way of uplifting your spirit. Encourage someone today, the world has enough critics.

Thanks for reading this article. I dedicate this article to God Almighty who is the source of wisdom and knowledge.
Written by:  Uwagboe Anthonia Peace.
remain blessed.

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